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I ordered Wen Haircare products online. When I received the products I read through the printed material that came with it only to find out that they would be sending regular shipments monthly.

I immediately called and cancelled this. After using the products for a few weeks I decided it did not work on my hair so I returned it for a full refund. When I called to inquire about the return process they said to send it to a P.O. Box.

Since I was not comfortable doing that as I would be unable to track it I asked for a physical address, which they gave me. Low and behold, they said they never received the return shipment. When I told them I had proof from my Fed Ex Receipt they finally jumped in to action. Initially they said it would take 6 to 8 weeks for a refund....B.S.

Then to add insult to injury they had sent me a "free" bottle of vitamins....These too auto renew each month to the tune of $39.99...fortunately I caught this in time and put an end to the nightmare. Products stink, customer service is terrible, it's a total scam.....

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I got billed from them twice and have never ordered anything from them. Some one scanned my card and used it.

Have filed a complaint about them. So far I have caught it in time both times so they didn't get any money from me.

See how it goes. Would love to see someone in jail myself.


Well, ANNA, your countdown denial does not balance out the fact that there are hundreds of people here all saying the exact thing about your 'customer service'...and the whole world isn't going to be wrong and ANNA right! I just ordered (prior to seeing this) but I will certainly be posting my review on the product AND the customer service here. (whether good or bad!)


they answer right away to sell you the stuff-

in this case wen -

but when asked if the product has an almond or mint smell the woman isn't sure if she can smell the almond but uses it on all members in her family- I call another woman and after deciding it has more mint smell which she claims but I don't really believe she uses it - maybe tried it ? I ask about when I need to cancel by if I don't like it -she doesn't know!

and says I'll have to call customer service ! isn't she customer service ?- I said okay i'll do that now- she "put me through" and I've been on hold listening to music for 30 minutes - it's now 4 am - Nice!

I was just curious if anyone would answer - will still if still on hold when I get up tomorrow morning - Last time I ordered through them I recall having issues as well ... too much stress to deal with this SCAM artist company who gets enough extra money from people by pulling all the *** they pull


I was anxious to try the product but of course i've been scammed by t.v infomercials before so i'm hesitant but guess can order this stuff off ebay and try it for yourself without having to become a member of any club and worry about your credit card being charged over & over before the little nightmare finally ends. Why do celebrities lend their name to these products ?

dont you wish you could just tell the try & go through the process and see if you'll be so gun-ho about endorsing the product.

yep..ebay ! forget memberships !


I was very intrested in trying this product, but not after reading these statements. I am in the customer service industry.

Do any of the Wen employees get that their paychecks actually come from the customers that use the products. Thats right, you work for the comsumers, not the other way around. Without consumers buying your products, you dont get a check, an dont keep a job. I would hope that yall would want to keep your paychecks and job,expecially in this economy, an readjust your attitudes.

Even a "NO" in a polite way is soooo much more acceptable.

So after much research, I wont be trying your product. Is there no option to just "try" the product to see if you like it before you become a member,as it is an expensive product?


I work for Wen Haircare, Im part of the customer service.

First, why dont u read the invoice? It says everything! Second, refund process takes 4 to 6 weeks, its a policy, not our fault...if you do in fact have the proof from postoffice, u dont have to worry, u will receive the refund.

Third, customer service is not terrible. We are just doing our job.



I order Wen at the end of July. Didn't see this site first.

After reading all these comments I was scared to death. So I have waited for the next shipment to come. And I called today to cancel. The girl was very nice and "said" it is cancelled.

We'll wait and see. I hope this is the end. The product did work well on my hair. But it didn't last a month like they said.

In fact it didn't last me 2 weeks and at this price it is way to expensive. I hope I don't have anymore charges after this.