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Someone was banging on about WEN containing Sulfates. The actual ingredient referred to is Behentrimonium methosulfate which is the mildest hair-detangling ingredient available.

It is made from non-genetically modified rapeseed oil. This ingredient is renowned for its superior detangling ability, without causing build-up on the hair. Unlike other hair detanglers, which are known for their irritancy, behentrimonium methosulfate is extremely mild, being recommended for use in baby products which are left on the skin.

It is superior in mildness and effectiveness to its commonly used cheaper cousin, behentrimonium chloride. Do some research people...It Behentrimonium methosulfate is NOT a 'sulfate' as referred to.

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Well I'm concerned cause I just started using it and my skin has been itching and getting hives, I'm alergic to sulfa so I need to know if there's sulfa in WEN?


8) I started using Wen products almost a year ago. I am post menopausal and my hair was thinning.

I had used sulfate free shampoos and shampoos for "older" hair and my hair was a wreck. I used high end shampoo and organic shampoos, oils and herbs and still I was beginning to think I was going to have to cut off my waist length hair because it looked so thin and lifeless. I noticed a difference after the first month and I loved the fragrances. I saw an infomercial that showed the difference in a lady's hair thickness from root to end, when she began to use Wen and six months after she had continued to use the product.

I found I had experienced the same results after 6 months. My hair from root to end was a more uniform thickness and of course i had great shine and manageability. This was from only using the Cleansing Conditioner and occationally I used the conditioning mist. During this time I used no other conditioning treatments.

I am a Wen girl for life. I love the product and will continue to use them.


Finally people are starting to realize the FDA is allowing lots of toxins in our food and health and beauty products that while they say are safe in small amounts it is not safe when you use several different products with the same ingredient that put you over the "safe" limits.


Is funny to make such a big deal about the bad stuff you think is on this product but does anyone forget the fact that there is carcinogens /toxic ingredients in a whole lot of stuff!! Hair color, perms, keratin treatments, fast food, milk (loaded with hormones) nail polishes, makeup the list is endless !!!!


Well I use a tone of product on my hair... and never been happy with my end result I've.

Used nothing but wen for a month and I'm happy to say my hair looks and feels like a super hair modles would ;-) my hair was always dry frizzy and flat! I used the most pricy things I could buy and nothing but wen has done it for me. Now I pay twice as much for a color job because it grows like a ***!

It used to take me months to grow a half inch now 6 week grows over an inch! Love my WEN and so dose my 2 year old baby more tangles just pretty little curles


I dislike Wen products, since they make my hair flat and greasy looking. I have short, fine hair, and I use 5 or 6 pumps (oh, and the PUMPS are awful!).

It gets quite expensive for so-so results.

I have gone back to Argan Shampoo and Conditioner from Sally Beauty Supply; it's less expensive, easier to get, and gives me the result I'm looking for. Sally's has their own version of Wen, too, and it's given me similar results as the real thing.


I actually enjoyed using WEN. I got great results, but could not use it everyday, back-to-back because my hair would be too flat.

I have dry, wavy, Caucasian hair. I put Moroccan and Argon oils in my hair frequently. So I thought it was weird that WEN was too heavy for my hair after about month. (not using oils).

I switched from the mint to the lavender. Oh my god, lavender smells like smoked meat. It was unusable. It is obvious from all the other comments on fragrance, that the base is the almond mint, and then they just add the fragrance to it, such as lavender, fig, and aloe.

They all have a mint/menthol undertone. That's my only issue with WEN.


This product is just different than all the others we've used for many years. Once you've used Wen you probably won't go back to shampoo.

I am 60, have great hair, spend a lot of time in the pool, and I will NEVER use lathering soaps on my head again. I don't care what's in it, it's still not as bad as the cleansing shampoos that might clean your hair but strips your hair of all the natural oils.


I've been using Wen for the last 6 months, I first used the almond and mint but now I've been using the aloe version. I have to say it seemed better but my hair became greasy only one day after washing ( hence why I changed to the aloe product) I don't think it smells that great, there's always a rather linty smell almost like some cold treatments ( menthol) and now my hair always smells burnt! Even without hair drying or straightening!! Anyone think this??

And yes there is a thing called rapeseed, it's grown all over the UK



My hair is just below my shoulders, it took *48 PUMPS* ... and the 32oz bottle is supposed to last FOUR MONTHS!!!

Not likely! And, it had been two weeks since I had my hair colored, color has rubbed off on my towel all three times I've used it.

Otherwise, I do like the product and if I could afford to spend $60 a month on shampoo/conditioner I'd keep it. Lavendar Stinks IMO.


YES, there IS such a product as RAPESEED oil. But it is NOT true that Behentrimonium methosulfate is rapeseed oil.

It is a synthetic chemical coumpound found in MANY cosmentic and hair care products. It is NOT a "natural" product as a few unscrupulous products (telemarketed hair care products) may claim nor is it particulary better cosmeticly or less toxic than many other metyl sulfite products.

It has several other chemical "names" and some mfgrs use this name to make their product sound different from other products that are "off the shelf" (less expensive). This is like charging more for afancy α-hydroxy acid instead of just saying "citric acid" (like vitamin c)


Have you actually read all the ingrdients and reviews? If you're happy great for you, but this products contains silicone and alcohol, neither of which are good for your hair, silicone gives it that FAKE shine and the amount of alcohol is slight so maybe its not drying your hair out the way you'd think but overall is not recommended for color treated or permed hair. And it recommends you use like 16 pumps for medium hair- um why would you need THAT much if its SO GREAT!?!?!


The stying creme does contain propylene glycol and no matter how sweet and innocent the FDA requires you to sugar coat that I am highly against this ingredient. Wikipedia makes it sound safe in low amounts however admits that studies find it is toxic in higher amounts.

My problem with that is it is in everything In fuel, in food, in plastics, in body products and so on! So by the end of the day after we've drove the car, flew in the plane, ate the food, and applied our "many" products to our skin, face, and hair! Then it really isn't a "low amount" anymore is it?

You dispute this and sugar coat it all you like this girl isn't buying the goverments ***! It's money honey!

to Heather Camp Pendleton North, California, United States #695725

You go girl...... :)


I received my Wen products yesterday. When I got home I thought well let me just put a little in my hair - it was a very bad hair day for me.

I tried a dime size dab and put it on my dry hair. WOW - my hair tamed down and became shiny.

I have baby fine hair, but I have a lot of it and it is naturally curly and I color it red.

Not to mention that I am 61 so my hair is dry to begin with. I can't wait to shampoo my hair and try the total treatment.


It's rapeseed. In the states, we call it Canola.

The plant has an unfortunate name, but you should Google it, fields of the stuff are just gorgeous to see. (Even aliens like it, they leave crop circles in fields of rape all the time!)


HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! :grin :grin :grin I'll say...rapeseed...


im not being a smartarse bridgetown, genuine question, did you mean grapeseed or is there something called rapeseed?

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