Vancouver, British Columbia

I used wen for a few years, and now regret every penny given to them. The product itself was ok, but their business practises are dishonest as can be.

I used the auto withdrawal option, and with my shipments would be an invoice. The amount withdrawn would never equal what was supposed to be taken; and they would withdrawal an amount, refund it back and then withdraw another amount. Unfortunately I did not track this from the beginning, but in the final months of buying their product I watched the amounts. They ended up taking more than was owed, and then have billed me as much as they overcharged!!

I ignored their multiple requests for payments till I was ready, and finally did pay it off. I spoke to one of their reps and thought I was done with them. As of very recently they sent me to a collection agency!

In looking back at my banking I've found they did not process my information that day that I gratefully thought I was done with them! Please stay away from this product!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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