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Save your money on this one. My mother order the product for (I didnt ask her to), my hair is natural and I didnt want to put any chemicals in it.

Well since she purchased the product I felt it was only right to use it. The product totally dried out my hair and made it very brittle. It also change the curl pattern in my hair making it tighter instead of relaxing it as the product and infocommercial promised.

It is also to complicated it is a four step process...who has time for that. Needless to say I still have the product if anyone needs it.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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i haven't tried the product yet and would like to try it . do you still have the unused product . i'd like to try it email me at


I use wen all the time and love it!! it makes my hair so silky and soft with some sine and bouncy curls LOVE IT :zzz ;) :grin :) :roll :? :x :upset :sigh :p :zzz


I was impressed with the infomercial that i tried using this product. The first time I used it, I liked the way my hair felt bouncy and light.

After a week, I noticed a red, itchy spot on the right side of my hair that spread all over my hairline and random spots of my scalp.

I am so irritated right now and embarrassed too! Tomorrow I'm cancelling my subscription.

Any thoughts on how to deal with their rude customer service? Thanks guys!


And I'm from Cali not Flordia


I haven't seen that infomercial in awhile. It's actually keeping my hair color compaired to the shampoo I purposely bought to save the color.


do u stil have the unused product? id like to try it. email me at


I just watched the infomercial. It doesn't say anything about relaxing curls. It shows how the curls they use it on get tighter and bouncier.

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