Detroit, Michigan

Just like others have complained sent less product than promised.When ordering the customer service was good.But if you want just a months supply its $49.99.If you agree to auto ship and give permission for them to charge your credit card automatically you get the $29.99 price.My tracking number wasn't a valid number.When i finally received the product it was leaking that was the icing on the cake.Since i didn't get the amount of product i was led to believe i was getting.My account also couldn't be found anywhere.

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I have bleached hair and have been using this for over a month. It does work for me.

Leaving hair silky during the rinsing. No soap in this and it is minty fresh. Rinsing well is key to not getting the "greasies" as everyone puts it.

It works for me. I really like it.


That is not true. It is $49.99 for a 32 ounce bottle which is also referred to as a 90-day supply.

It last me 4 months and I have long, thick course, naturally curly hair.

Also, I have never done the auto-ship. I order it off of QVC website.


This company fraudulently charges your credit card. If you return it, they still charge $21 for shipping.

Also, the product looked great the first day, but soooooo greasy.

My friends were actually asking me, "when did you last bathe?" Because my hair looked dirty. If you don't believe me & still want to order it, do not, DO NOT BUY FROM GUTHY RENKER!


Definately try it! Don't use as much as they say and rinse thoroughly. Rinsing is key.q


should i try this product? I have oily & dry hair.

It is highlited and i straighten it daily? :?