Tigerton, Wisconsin

There are TWO different formulations of WEN. The formulation that WEN Haircare by Guthy Renker sells is NOT the original formulation, and this is the fraudulent company with horrible business practices. I have been trying all day to get my account cancelled and get a refund for products that have not even shipped yet, and I keep getting the run-around. I have talked to FOUR different customer service agents, and only one has been somewhat friendly and helpful. The other 3 have been rude and totally unhelpful. And the worst part is that all four have had totally different stories to tell me! Now I am told they are unable to cancel anything for a minimum of 24 hours since my last account change. I am supposed to call back tomorrow and they can help me then. This is infuriating!

I think people get confused by the charges so maybe I can help explain that. My first shipment was a 30-day trial of $29.95. That automatically enrolled me in continued deliveries which cost about $30 per month. But you only get ONE shipment of products every 3 months, but you get charged every single month. So your one shipment is nearly $100 worth of product but you are charged in 3 installments. I keep reading that people have been charged 3x for only 1 shipment. True, but it's because the total cost of the shipment is broken up into 3 payments. So that part I understand, but still trying to cancel this *** membership is a nightmare!

The product itself has done wonders for my hair, even though this is the cheap, water and alcohol filled copycat of the original formula. So I can just imagine how great the REAL formula will be when I finally get to try it.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I have been using this same product by the G R company for two years. I am calling them this week about this, and also getting them to explain about the ingredince. :eek


Hi there, All Wen Hair Care products manufactured and sold by Guthy-Renker are reviewed and approved by Chaz Dean. As the global distributor of Wen Hair Care, Guthy|Renker’s labels are required to list ingredients according to their standardized names from the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook, published by the Personal Care Products Council, and thus appear different than those manufactured by Chaz Dean for domestic only sale.

For additional assistance cancelling your account, please reach out to the Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team at www9.wenhaircare.com/lp/cet.

Thank you.


I use the GR and QVC versions of Wen. While the ingredients are different, the results from both are awesome!

The label will tell you the ingredients that go into the the batch process; not the chemical reactions that end up in your bottles.

Finally, you cannot submit your order to GR without accepting the autoship! Don't blame them because you didn't read the big print.