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I bought Wen after seeing the infomercial on tv.The first time I used Wen my hair became very dry and straw like.

I continued to use it thinking that the more i used it the better the result would be in time. After 3 weeks of using Wen everyday my hair became progressively worse. When I contacted customer support they were very rude and the refund process took a very long time. After cancelling the service I noticed that I was still being charged for the product.

I contacted Wen again and after waiting another 3 weeks for them to contact me back I was finally able to cancel the service completely.

It took a very long time to get my hair back to normal after using Wen.I will never order another product from Guthy Ranker and Chaz Dean again.

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Wen is all good in the begining.Then about 1 month after using, ive got the worst DANDRUFF EVER!

Just like everyone else on here stated ive never had this problem ever! Terrible product!

BEWARE Their cust.Service is a joke i wanted to disscontinue them sending me it and they basically gave me the run around so ill be calling back asking for a supervisor or manager.

Stayy awayyy!!!

Mountain View, California, United States #948458

I wanted to try Wen really bad, when I first started using it my hair was beautiful.After a few weeks I started to notice dandruff which I had never had before.

i tried using more products as customer service suggested. My scalp is in such bad shape, I have the worst dandruff and terrible itching I have ever had.

I am going back to using a dandruff shampoo to try to repair my scalp.

It is odd as my sister can use Wen and she has no problem at all.I am giving her what I have left.

to Stacie Kansas City, Kansas, United States #972021

I have vary bad dandruff I didnt think it was because of wen bit knowing alot of others are also getting it now im think it is. What did u get to help with it?


The salon I used to go to, would sell and use Wen.She used it on me once and I had an allergic reaction so bad, that I had to see a doctor.

He said that whatever was in that stuff went systemic. Afterwards, my hair was so dry that I ended up getting dandruff. The stuff is ***.

I asked her to never use that stuff on me again.I can't believe she was pushing to sell the stuff to me afterwards.

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #808476

I have been using Wen the last 3 months and it has caused me to have horrible dandruff. I am 31 yrs and have never had Dandruff in my life

Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States #623779

I've used wen for months on very short hair requiring only 6 pumps to adequately cover my hair and scalp but I am using 10 and doing it twice a shower.I've never had dandruff in 40 years and wash daily.

Wen has caused significant dandruff I have to get rid of because too many people are noticing.

Very embarrassing!Wen needs a solution because I can tell hundreds or thousands of people not to use WEN.

Winter Park, Florida, United States #608653

I've had a completely different experience with WEN than some of the people here have negatively reported.I frequently tell people that once you use WEN, you will NEVER (want to) go back to traditional shampoo.

I've been using WEN for 4 months now and my hair feels and appears thoroughly clean, beautifully conditioned (silky to touch, with a natural looking soft sheen), and my scalp has been healthier than ever (previous itching/flaking vanished completely). I wash my hair daily and after two weeks, I "substituted" an expensive salon-grade shampoo to test the difference and the result was a disaster. My spouse commented that my hair had become "Incredible Hulk" hair, which was an accurate description of the frizzy, dull, hay-like head of hair.

I returned to WEN with the next shower and my hair quickly began to return to a supple, healthy texture almost immediately.

Other than possible allergic reactions that individuals describing negative experiences may be having (which are possible with any new product), I can't imagine a negative experience with WEN.There is a slight learning curve in using the product, since it is NOT shampoo, but consistently beautiful and healthy hair is worth a minor shift in habit!

Los Angeles, California, United States #603529

I was charged $29.95 for the order I had placed with Wen. A few

weeks after I received a order I did not place. My credit card

was billed $46.64 in April, $29.98 in May, and $29.98 in June.

I was charged a total of $106.60 for two bottles of shampoo and some conditioner. I wasn't to happy with the product so I decided to return the order. I was told they will not give refunds back after 60 days and they will send my order back. GI am not happy but I guess I am stuck with the stuff. I think they could have refunded me the money, since I am not happy with the product and I never order what they shipped.


I started using Wen and it wasnt so bad at first, as others have said I figured it would get better the longer I used it.Well to my disgust it got worse I now started to get dandruff which I have never had in my whole life.

It got worse and worse to the point I didnt want to even leave the house. I am still dealing with this issue (it is minimal now) almost a year later off of the product :cry The best part is I called to cancel this 3 times and even canceled the card they had but they sent it anyway. They dont want the product back and have me in collections.

So if this company is going to try and ruin my credit after ruining my hair and scalp I think it might be time to contact a lawyer.Watch out people!


I tried Wen products.The sweet almond, Lavender, pomgrant and 613.

I also experinced the dry flaky scalp mostly with the 613. I followed all the suggestions and still my hair frizzed out. I blow dry it and it just frizz, didn't get the "Wen curl". Used all heat settings on my hair dryer and all I got was frizz.

If I let it air dry it still frizzed. I spend more time in the shower to rinse, rinse, rinse. I also noticed that I have to clean the strainer in the shower two, three times because of hair.

Not happy with any of the products.I didn't have this problem before with frizz or hair in the shower with regular shampoo and conditioner.

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