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I started using Wen September of 2010 and didn't like the heavy dirty feeling in my hair. BUT after watching the video that comes with the "cleanser" I was determined to have hair like the models.

So I kept using it for a long time. In February 2012 I started breaking out in hives and after many tests I never suspected Wen could be a contributing factor. I was diagnosed with "idiopathic hives" meaning no reason. ??

So I continue with Wen and now I am actually thinking the hair does not look bad and I don't know if I was just getting used to weighed down hair or what but I did like the ends of my hair. Fast forward to MAY 2013 still using Wen but have had hair itching scalp for several months and thought it ws from the hives. All this time lots of hair came out in my comb but was sure again it was not from the WEN. I was so sure it was not from the Wen because on QVC so many people posted how it was so wonderful.

CUT to JUNE 2013 I am noticing lots of hair loss and my scalp is red and feels raw. I have itching of the scalp almost immediately after washing and it continues daily. Finally by mid JUNE I stop using the WEN. My scalp is so red and looks burned and lost more hair.

NOW it is July 30th 2013. I have not used WEN for 6 weeks and the hair loss continues. My drains are clogged in the shower with hair. My scalp is so itchy and red.

I a convinced now that Wen has destroyed my scalp and that my hair will continue to fall out until my scalp is healed. I have a doctor's appointment this week. I have spent so much money only to end up with a sore, red, balding scalp. I paid a lot of money for this and the FDA should get involved.

This is toxic. I feel like my scalp was being suffocated by a poison!!! I am intersted in a class action law suit.. I am scared my hair will not even regrow.

I was very dumb to keep using this terrible product.

BUT I followed complete instructions and would never imagine that this product was doing harm. I am sure I basically clogged every hair follicle I have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $985.

  • red scalp
  • toxin on scalp
  • drab hair
  • balding hair
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My aunt is goin through the same thing and is getting prepaired for a lawsuit!!


I just read that the FDA and the courts have issued a 26.3 million tdollar class action Lawsuit against Chaz Dean and his freakin *** product that has left my scalp destroyed. Sadly I'm in Canada and looking for what's happening here regarding settlements.

Just type in wen lawsuit in a Google search, their is a lawyer in California who you get the claim form from.

IF YOUR IN THE USA ... God bless


I am experiencing the same things itchy scalp sores and hair loss I've used one for about3 years


I also used Wen for about 6 months and now have a scalp that is red and itchy that never heals. I have never had this problem before using Wen but never attributed to the product until this all came out in the news.

I also get small sores periodically if I don't use the medicated shampoo the Dr prescribed. It was also very difficult to get the company to stop charging

my credit card.

I finally called my bank and had them put a block on my account. This is all very disturbing, buyer beware.


I used wen products for about a year. My hAir turned into a knotty mess, dried out and falling out.

Since wen was the only difference in my hair care, I stopped using it. By the time I got to my hair salon, my hair was a knotted, dry discolored mess! She told me that wen is one of the worst hair care products on the market.

It has taken a year and a half for my hair to start to resemble what it used to look like. I would NEVER recommend those products to anyone!


My daughter was given Wen as a gift and the very first time she used it she came out of the shower with a red, burning rash all over her body...she never used it wonder someone gave it away....


Wow. Aint you a COMPLETE ***!!

Do not NEVER ever breed. EVER.

So YOU CONTINUED TO use a product for what? 3-4 plus years AFTER YOU NOTICE problems???

Develope an idiotic ' issue (imagine that. Maybe its your BRAIN causing it!!!) Yet STILL continued??

Am I seriously readding this correct??

Class action lawsuit??

THAT should be against your mothers OB GYN!!


what a piece of **** you are to be so rude and illiterate! Didn't know WEN workers were allowed on here.

Yes, people this is what type of users of WEN are like this ***hole who says the user shouldn't breed. Ingrate the product only causes problems after long term use. Instead of soaking your head with WEN why don't you learn how to speak and read!!!!

Your mother shouldn't even have had YOU! disgusting!!!


I went through the same experience. I was using Wen for years all of a sudden my hair started falling out.

Stopped using it for several months my hair still is not growing back. So after several months of not using it I thought I would give it another shot, after using in my scope was burning And on fire. now I know for sure if he is the best product. I even went to the doctor had blood drawn several test thyroid tests and everything came back fine ..

STOP USING THIS PRODUCT.. now I can't get my hair back it's terrible ....


I don't think a shampoo should burn your head, I don't think thats good and if you have allergic reaction to anything shampoo or anything you need stop using it. I think if you have hair loss you thinks from your shampoo you need to stop using it ASAP!

It burned my scalp. So I quit using it.


I am glad I stopped using it made head burn like on fire even before I finished washing my hair, will not try it again. And I defendly don't want my hair to fall out.


I probably will never use it again , my head burned very bad after i used it the first and only time I used it, thought I was allergic to it , but I see it not just me. And I am glad now I stopped after the first shampoo ,I washed it again with regular shampoo and it quit burning very hard to wash out . Thanks i was tempted to try it again.


I try wen shapoo onevtime, made my head burn I quit using it and took it back, I bought it at Wal green's I told then it burned my head, they gave me my money back,.


YIKES! I will never use this product!

I have damaged hair, but I am sensitive to something in hair care products and would most likely have a similar reaction to this person. GEEZ!


I went to the Derm as I had an allergic reaction causing my face to have a red rash, itchy and burning. My scalp was also itchy.

I my way home I met a friend who is a Dr.

He took one look at my face and he said it was my shampoo.I have used Wen for some time, and have endured skin problems. I will not use it any more, and will wait to see if my rash goes away.


I started using Wen Pomegranite Cleansing Conditioner end of March 2014, and it was a disaster. I washed my hair every other day.

For the first week, I noticed my face was red, but my hair was so smooth which I liked. During the following week, I noticed that two areas of my scalp felt irritated--itching and almost burning. I discontinued the product for two weeks then tried it again after seeing the infomercial which lures women to the product. After the second use, my scalp felt burned and re-sensitized areas of my scalp from before.

The same areas of my scalp were on fire and felt tender. I immediately went back Kerastase and rewashed my hair with my old routine. When I applied conditioner to the ends of my hair and tugged a little, my scalp was so sensitive that I felt pain in the burnt areas of my scalp.

That evening, my scalp hurt so bad I had a hard time laying my head down on the pillow.

Previous to using Wen, I never had these kind of problems. I have been using Kerastase products for a very long time, and it never caused any of these issues.

Now, it has been two-and-a-half weeks since I've discontinued Wen.

My scalp still burns but not as severe as two weeks ago. I have been monitoring any hair loss daily, and I think I have caught it early enough for my scalp to heal. Only 2-4 strands in the shower fall out-which is normal. I'm concerned about possible hair loss because two areas of my scalp are still so tender and burn upon touch.

I telephoned Wen and complained and reported the reaction.

Their customer service and relations department employees need to be retrained! They accidentally cancelled another account and not Wens.

Today, I'm praying that my hair will restore itself to normal.

I think it's going to take awhile for the pain to subside. I wash every two days now due to the scalp irritation and gently treat the scalp.


My experience was very much like dbmma. Thank you for sharing your experience.

I'm a Black woman with fine, curly textured hair that's shoulder length. I started using Wen in 2010. The first two years seemed okay. My scalp felt invigorated and tingly by the menthol, which I expected.

After about two years, I slowly started to notice a growing amount of hair in the shower drain after each cleansing. I was always gentle with my scalp so as not to irritate it. And I was careful to thorough rinse out the products. I then started noticing uncontrollable itching and what I thought was eczema on my crown and the back of my scalp.

My hair thinned terribly in those areas to the point that I went a dermatologist for a few months. I told her (actually, I saw the nurse--never saw the dermatologist) I used Wen products, but she didn't seem phased by it and didn't comment on it. I wasn't taking any meds, nor changed my diet to cause the itching and hair loss. She biopsied my scalp and diagnosed the cause of the alopecia as heredity (not CCCA) and recommended I use an expensive acne prescriptions (one was over $500) to treat what she called "acne" and that I would have to use Rogaine to control the hair loss.

I did not use Rogaine because my scalp was too raw to handle such a strong product with alcohol. I continued to use the Wen products because at this point in time I didn't think the products were the source of my woes. I refused to spend $500 on a product that might not work. So, she prescribed something that cost $10.

I used it, but I as I thought, it didn't work (I didn't think I had acne anyway). I thought I had eczema, a reaction to something that I couldn't pinpoint. I didn't think I had alopecia either. Home remedies and those acne meds did nothing to control the horrible itching or persistent rash/eczema.

I decided to perform a process of elimination by discontinuing the Wen products. After a couple weeks, the itching fire on my scalp stopped. But it took months for the rash to heal, dry out/flake away. As a test, I decided to reintroduce the Wen replenishing mist to my hair, and each time it came in contact with my scalp, my scalp itched like crazy.

I've through away all my Wen products. I started using natural oils to help restore moisture to my scalp. After three months of being Wen-free, my hair started to grow back in the balding spots. It's been six months since I've been Wen-free and last saw the dermatologist, and the rash hasn't returned; my scalp is no longer inflamed; no excessive hair in the shower drain; my hair and scalp are healthy.

And, my hair is growing back without using Rogaine. Now, I loved the way Wen products made my hair feel. My hair was hydrated.

And, I'm not trying to bash the Wen product line. But for me, my skin/scalp developed an allergy to one of more of the ingredients.


Of course most peoples real problem is they cant afford the product... Its other stories to make an awesome product look bad.

Hair grows from the inside only follicle scalp issues or an extreme allergy actually cause that. Id definately be seeing a dermatologist... every ones hair naturally falls its supposed to have its life cycle.. mine does every spring along with just about every one else I know.

Key is simple ... usage is important. The scalp needs cleaned by massaging in any cleanser. If you dont clean your actual scalp or rinse any product out fully.

This will cause build up on the scalp and will have sores from lack of cleansing.....

from any product not used properly. :roll


Obviously,you work for Wen. Duh, I used I'd for almost 3 years and had no problem affording it!

It was the loss of hair that I had a problem with and yes it was massaged perfectly per the insruction. But as my doctor said " the menthol in this product over long term use will reek havoc on your scalp, aka you'll go bald!!!!! So keep using it and see how you feel in a year! Oh yeah, you'll feel bald, the FDA should ban this horrific menthol stinging, scalp burning.

Hair loading product finally!!! Keep using it if you want to be a kojac look alike!!!!!!!


It's the menthol in Wen. When I used Wen in the shower, some ran down my face into my eyes.

The burning was unbearable. Why does a shampoo have to have menthol in it? It think it's for the smell, but it kills the scalp.

That would be my guess, Thousands of people have had that reaction. I won't use it anymore.