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I would never buy anything from an uneducated fairy who has no degree in chemistry or anything else.

I have seen that infomercial and it's a joke. The black woman with her horrible black hair that looks like a tangled mop before and after the ''treatment'' should be a clue.

My advice to all of you is to bring a class action suit against that ''man'' or anybody else that cheats the consumers, it's not hard, and get compensated for your troubles. We have legal resources in this country and we should use them. We/you must not let these phonies take your money and run.

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I find your use of the word Fairy to be aggressive and inappropriate. And please do not aggravate it by referring to him as a "man".

People who find fault with others personal belief systems are less manly than any person living their life in peace. I'm sure you can find other words that do not have any "hate" issues attached.

Your opinion of people with differences is none of my business. Unless it is going to support or laud another, Keep it to yourself.


I have been reading all these interventions of all these people and made me laugh loud to think that you people is forgetting that the product in question here is the "wen" thing. You all get all tangled up in discussions about who is black who has ugly black hair, who and what is latin, about greasy caucasian hair, this is all too funny.

I believe you need an appointment with a shrink and talk about anger management instead of a new shampoo !!



crazy..... breaks my hair...before using wen I had thick black hair but now not anymore.

Never ever will I buy this product. Not recommended for black hair and definitely not when you have relaxer.


LOL.. I actually thought this post was funny because of the simple fact that I totally Agree.

I didn't even have to watch the freakin informercial to know that a white man knows VERy little to NOTHING about Black Womens Hair. It takes one weak person to hop on the phone and call to order something JUST because they have not in clue about their own selves down their hair follicles. People Really if you get mad at this post it's only because you are WEAK and you need to wake up.

Everything that you see on Television is questionable. Start seeking answers and ask questions stop Believing everything you see on the Big Box it's a smoke screen people..


Wow "Too Smart", you are a bit of a ***. There are lots of people with "unmanageable" hair.

Are you suggesting that they all cut it short, or just those that are of a darker hue? There is something called the First Amendment, but that does not shield you from hate speech which you are coming very close to commiting. I love everything about my hair because it comes from me. Please just do us all a favor and keep your fith to yourself.

We already have enough *** outletting their b/s on the internet because they often feel safe in anonymity, that we do not need you here in this forum for no purpose other than spewing your asinine comments. As far as Wen is concerned, I think I will try QVC.

Thanks for the heads up from everyone else about Ruth or whatever her name is. As far as you are concerned "TOO SMART" if you want to comment about Blacks in a disparaging manner, there are other forums for you to do that.


The original comment is totally inoffensive, made by a realistic and confident person. It's true, why trust someone who has no idea about chemistry with your hair care?

I can throw in a little herbal extract into a mixture of h2o & Glycerin. whatever...

I was hoping this product worked, but nothing on infomercials is worth a dollar.

Btw, there is no such race as ::Latin:: only Latin language, dead to the world.


Hey, everyone, direct your complaints where they belong - AGAINST GUTHY RENKER!!!! Please, do not bash the product when the problem is with the GUTHY RENKER COMPANY!!!! Buy WEN either from QVC or Chaz Dean's website and these problems will not happen!!!!


fukk it just use suave works amazing for me it makes my hair feel soft and it smells great (:


To the people who seem to think that the black woman is the key to using this product. Understand this, our hair is and always will be versitle, but as normal, most play the game to get a damned job.

I refuse to put chemicals in my hair to satisfy white society - as far as welfare women, I can gaurantee you that every white girl on welfare go to the hairdresser, and guess what, we also know that women of every ethnic grp and nationality use wigs, and hair pieces. Know you damned fact before spewing your hate - take it elsewhere.


i love my tresses, naturally my hair will kink, but I dont press it to change the texture. Its soft not brittle as it may look to some.

But did any one know white woman pressed their hair as well..

wow. Whelp, at least something is ours and it is our beautiful hair long or short, straight or nappy, braided or loc..its ours and so many are trying to get it..


I feel that I didn't do a sufficient job explaining how incredibly distasteful I found your comment to be. An uneducated 'fairy?' I'm assuming you had another word starting with *** mind, but chose this one so that everybody would be able to see it. Keep the verbal garbage to yourself and stop spouting hate speech on a site that is intended purely to inform consumers.


Listen up, dumb ***. you obviously think you have all the answers, so I'm not sure why I'm writing this.

But I think that you're an insecure, homophobic racist. You obviously can't appreciate the natural beauty of black hair, strong and kinky and wonderful. You think it looks like a brillo pad because you're culturally biased to think that white hair is inherently better. As a white woman, I've always admired black hair, especially its beautiful texture.

Your ignorance is astounding, and even though you apparently have a basal command of english grammar, I'd categorize you as far from 'too smart.' So please shut up. You make the rest of us look bad.


By the way, not all "blacks" spend hours straightening their hair, or adding extra hair to their own, or dyeing it different colors. A lot of "blacks" and mixed people and other people with "Brillo pad" hair take care of their hair and it looks amazing.

You have a lot of stereotypes in that head of yours "Too Smart." I think your brain is working a little over-time, you should give it break. I know that "2 + 2" equation is just too much for you to handle, but that's OK. The world needs ***, ignorant people like you.

For your information, not only "blacks" straighten their hair tirelessly, add color, or add other hair to their hair. That's something the media does to the American people because it tells them that they are not beautiful and that they need to look this way or that way, no matter WHAT their race is.

With your comment on the ingredients in any shampoo, obviously you don't wash your hair and it must smell and probably looks horrible. I think you might just be jealous or insecure.

By the way, where are YOUR credentials to be such a dumb person? Man, some people think they're so smart...

As far as the Wen product goes, I have heard nothing but good reviews about it.


Wow i cant believe how ridiculous people are about hair. All people are beautiful, it doesnt matter if their black, white, indian, latin,etc.

Now i completly disagree with "too smart" and his/her statements about black hair, but i understand that it stems from years and years of seeing only good images of white people throughout their life and seeing 90% bad images of black people. Now im a beautiful brown woman with natural hair and im taking all of the comments with a grain of salt and i know a cant change anyones opinion but if im 21 with this open state of mind then "too smart" i think you could open your eyes and stop hating other people and worry about yourself and your own possible issues.


touchy...touchy...all I did was submit my educated and unbiased comment about a phony product being pushed by a phony 'man'. It is clear to see how ineffective this product is by the way the black woman's hair looks after she supposedly used it.

Personally, I think blacks should wear their hair as short as possible. Black celebrities and even the poorer ones cannot control that hair because it's unmanageable, so they wear wigs or spend hours and hours straightening it. Yet they feel offended when confronted with the truth. I'm trying to save them money they don't have on a product that's worthless.

By the way, there is a little something called First Amendment. Better hit the books and be less concerned about your hair.


Please remove the original comment.

the original comment was intended to insult black people, *** people and anyone else who has a functioning brain.




Wait a minute! WHEN ( not Wen ) did ***, a word that also means happy, become a word that needs to be altered to view?

Do I have to complain about the complaint site? What the *** ;-)


I DID complain about the site. I told them to get a life and stop positing hateful behavior themselves.

I was curious if you put in the asterisks or they did. LOL.

I found it totally mean and uncalled for. Go YOU!


Too Smart?

Too Mean Spirited! Name calling? Really? Do you even know any *** people? Have you tried the product?

Wen cleanser is good! Consumers: Call customer service and customize how much/how often product is shipped.

As for you, [not] Too Smart, thanks for reminding me that ignorance is alive and active.