West Jordan, Utah

I wanted to try Wen, then came here to read reviews, and found that really, most of the pissed off consumers were pissed about money, orders, service, etc., basically the business end of Wen- very few people were unhappy with the product itself, and some people even said they loved it, just had troubles with ordering. Those issues are definitely important, but I want to add my two cents here- I ordered the stuff, and I love it. It feels great, it makes my hair feel great, I spend less time styling, my hair is 'normal' now, not oily, and I can go for days before I see grease. The best though, is how my comb glides through my hair after a shower- no detangling nightmare!

Again, haven't had to deal with the business end of things yet, so that may still be a problem, but as far as the product, I love it. I traveled recently and didn't take it, just went back to my small trial-sizes of salon brand, and I hated it and couldn't wait to get back to my Wen. So there's one side of things for those out there who are trying to decide.

Use a lot!!! Keep rubbing in more until you feel clean- you'll use less eventually but at first I used more to get used to it. Good luck!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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hopefully wen will work for me... i have unruly dry, thick, frizzy, curly hair and i've tried everything.

i'm thinking about trying the 30 day trial. is it worth it?


I love this product also. My hair has always been greasy at the scalp and dry on the ends. Wen cleanser is the best thing I have ever used on my hair, and as to the cost; I was spending much more on trying to keep my hair looking good before Wen.


I love these products..I wish the cleanser came in a larger size and also there were travel kits a swell. This is my first order and have had no problem yet.....