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Wen is a rip off. I used it once and it worked great, but the second time not so good.

I figured I would try it one more time and my hair felt dirty and stiff. I did send it back, but it can take up to 4 weeks for them to return your money. In the mean time I recieved my free gift of endless youth vitamins and thinking that was it I recieve another order of them with a bill for $89.95. I called them and the said it wasn't a free gift and there was fine print and that it was a trial offer.

That company is a rip off.

They also put you on automatic payment when you order the Wen product or endless youth. This company hopes you won't return the products so they can keep your money.

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So true. When you call to cancel they charge you over 100.00 to cancel..

Then try canceling the vitamins they give you as a "Free" gift - Wen/Chaz coined the phase - nothing is free. Horrible way to run a business I cannot believe this is connected to QVC.

THat is the only reason I considered purchasing. Good to know that not even products associated with QVC can be trusted.


I have became a complete "WEN" consumer since I tried it the very first time.I was sent another box separate from my "WEN" but enclosed in the box was a plastic insert that had a space that two containers would fit in, but nothing was in them, I looked at all the paper work and there was suppose to be a free bottle of Endless Youth. So I call and they apologized and said they would send out another bottle. I have yet to receive the vitamins and I would hope they do NOT charge me for anything other than the "WEN" product.

Tonya West


I've been using Endless Youth vitamins for almost a year now and my hair have grown a total of 10inches


i ordered this product last week and have yet to receive either the WEN product or the Endless Youth. Can I write RETURN TO SENDER/REFUSED on the box when it arrives and then tell my credit card company not to accept any charges? Will that work if I don't want to be in the predicaments detailed below?


wow, that all seemed so clear to me. read the deal next time.


I have to say that I have been using WEN hair products for about 3 months now. It is strange not to have your hair and scalp get lathered up with soap suds from the shampoo.

If you wash your scalp thoroughly with enough WEN product and really wash the scalp well, rinse well also, I've never had more healthy feeling hair and I have had so many compliments on it too. My hairdresser says she has never had hair feel this healthy in a long time from any product. Usually my hair is frizzy, dry, and won't hold a curl, it never shines either. With WEB, my hair is as healthy, silky, soft, and if using the mint conditioner shampoo, it smells really good for a few days.

In order to keep your scalp healthy, you need to use a good amount of the shampoo and massage the scalp and roots thoroughly; rinse it really well or you will have residue everywhere. I just comb it out and let it dry. It's heavy, silky, thick, no tears, and no tangles; even after sleeping on it all night. It's worth every penny as far as I am concerned!

Just order and enjoy. Remember, anything that you enter anymore is going to be on auto ship from anywhere. You have to know that if you don't like the original package when it gets to you,, you have to call and cancel the future shipments within the two weeks after you receive the original package. Otherwise, you will get a bigger package on the next shipment and a really big charge on your credit card or money taken out of your checking account.

Always remember too that only you can remember that you are responsible for cancelling future shipments! Future orders. Trial orders are just that. A trial order is the same thing too.

It turns into a gigantic order and it *** you off when you have money taken that you can't to not have! Then they won't give it back to you either; especially when they know it's yours. You have to wait another ten days before they can release your money back to you because your money that they took has to clear the bank first.

Any way, I've been there and through all of that; been ripped off to the tune of over $4,000 and complained to the BBB and the FTC; but no one would help me, no one cared, especially the people who took money from that I didn't have to spend! Thanks.

Remember, nothing is ever free on the internet.


Yup. Same thing just happened to me, they stated that there's 4-6 weeks before i see my money back on my card but that I still pay for shipping.

Rip off, don't take the gift. The cleansers not too bad but that pissed me off about the "free" gift.


I actually got the MOST help out of the Endless Youth hotline. Even though they actually have no legitimate website, which was unnerving and screams "scam!!!". The number you call on the email/box is just a division of WEN. The actual EY number is 888-848-2797. The guy was incredibly helpful. I caught it as it was shipping but not yet charged. He pulled my credit info off my account so it would just repeatedly bounce and canceled future shipments. Without having to be asked 17 times!

On the OTHER hand... I called WEN because I had ordered the Summer Mango Coconut and received the SAM scent which I already had. So it's not available anymore and she gave me a 20% discount (roughly 24$) off the kit I ordered. The 90 day supply with Six13, Anti Frizz Styling Creme(Full Size), Replenishing Treatment Mist(Full Size), Straightening Gloss(Deluxe Size"Free Gift"), and a travel kit with all those. I paid 84$ for above ^ and since I don't want the SAM they said they "don't do refunds" so she is sending me three Figs and letting me keep the SAM plus all extras. So now I have six of those plus two huge SAM from another order. AKA, a lifetime supply. All for under 200 bucks! Not including the previous intro offer that also had the Mask, Creme, and Mist! I happen to really like the product, so not a big deal.

Now for SHEERCOVER, I ordered as a free "trial" along with the EY on my WEN 90 day shipment. I called and I thought I was going to rip her face off. I told her that I received pretty dark shades in my trial and can't use them. Then I already received a full size of another shipment for like 128$! Fault of mine, I knew the "trials" are auto-renewing after a period of time, it says so in the fine print that nobody but me seems to read :) The only time something doesn't have a catch is if you do not give them CC Info before you get something "free". I ended up getting really sick; so I wasn't on top of the cancellation plus I received NO notice on either the EY OR the SC letting me know another kit had shipped. So it just arrived and I wasn't able to catch the SC in transit or "processing".

So back to when I call the 1-800 number. We spend 30 minutes trying to establish that there is a lighter shade than what I received. Then another 45 trying to tell her that I wan't to CANCEL. She first offered me 20% off the kit, which I said no to. She then said she would only send me three products that way I could use them up before I got more. I also said no to that offer. Then she offered to extend my shipping frequency to 20 weeks from 16. I vehemently told her, I didn't want less of the product. I don't want any of it! I can't afford that much for a kit I can't use because of the color. And one I don't want to pay for because I didn't even try my trial yet.

Why would I pay 128$ for a full size of something only to find out that I hate it! So she said that she would send me a lighter shade of the trial at no cost (I only paid shipping 4.95). So after another 15 minutes of telling her that I don't want any of it. I'd rather just cancel and see if I like the shipped new color trial, but resubscribe at a later date. All the while, squeezing a stress ball to death to avoid being downright rude to her. I know their job is to keep you on the hook. But there's a certain point that you've lost the customer and you just need to comply. So we will see if it was truly cancelled. Obviously I requested an email confirmation in case I have trouble at a later date. She said she could give me an order number for reference in case I had more questions. I don't sign up for anything without having a tangible way of seeing what is being charged and when. I was under the impression that all this would be a subset in my WEN account so I could track it. But alas, it wasn't.

So I won't ever do a "free" trial again without having a tangible way (besides them emailing saying, oh hey, by the way your 200$ order shipped!) Oh but wait... there's more! Now that it's officially left the station, it's too late to just cancel. You then have to obtain a return label, take it to the post office...send it back and hope that they refund your money! That's how they get people. They make it such a difficult process to return something that most just think it's easier keeping it and learning their lesson for next time.

Unfortunately for them, I am way too cheap to accept that. So I will go through every rigorous step to return the items. Beforehand of course, taking a picture of the return label, the product, and anything else identifiable. No way are they saying, "Oh but you don't have a record of that and magically neither do we, so now you're out 128 bucks, the product you paid for, and your electricity!" Thanks for doing business :(

Fun times, those 1-800 numbers and "free" trials. Although I did know that it wasn't just a 1 time thing. Basically whenever you give them CC info, it never is. They count on people to forget before their "free 30 days" are up. Then they have carte blanche to charge you up the *** I always now read every word of their Terms and Conditions. In which it states that after a period of blahblah days, they do send you a full kit if you don't cancel.

I would get WEN through Sephora or QVC, but the real prices without the intro offer of 30 bucks are just outlandish. Plus I have pretty short hair so instead of using the pumps they say (1483 pumps per wash) I use three to four. So one bottle lasts me forever. Now I have 8 bottles. So I put the suspension date (Dec 27th) on my iPad calendar so it's not out of sight out of mind. And I will call before then to extend my ship date. Then I will repeat.


This company is a freaking joke!! They really try to be sweet and kind to you on the phone, but it's a load of ***.

The same exact thing happened to me and I sent EVERYTHING back and when I called to give the tracking number so my "money back guarantee" could get processed they said they already paid me back. It has been about a month now, I got nothing! And what's worse, they never even told me that I was starting a membership. Do not use their product either!

It makes your hair nice for like 10 mins, and next thing you know your hair is gross! Oily and sickly looking. As for the vitamins it made me sick to my stomach, endless youth my *** I am 21 year old and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Just don't do it.

DON'T DO IT!! I will never order another thing from them ever.


I tried to cancel the shipments of the vitamins after I realized that it was not 1 free trial. Same as the hair product.

I had confirmation of cancellation and they charged my credit card the balance. Then they kept charging my credit card. I had to cancel my card and now they are coming after me over $30 dollars. When I called the customer service agent was a super *** and a complete *** to boot.

They obviously teach them that the answer is "no" no matter what.

I am more pissed about my poor treatment then this *** shyster company. P.S I do really like wen and you can get it from QVC without the commitment.







DO NOT ORDER the Endless Youth vitamins linked to WEN hair products as you will be Endlessly sorry. Regardless of ?

effectiveness, they charge criminal postage fees. When you call to cancel, DO NOT FOLLOW the sweet voiced girl who tells you to just "mark the box Return to Sender." You will never see your partial refund (the criminal postage fees are of course not refundable).

Make sure you have tracking records for any returns, do whatever you need to do to prove you returned the product or you will receive Endless bills. :(


I really like the wen hair products and the vitamins. When I ordered my shampoo the free trail offer did pop up and said free trail but I know tht the key word in tht statement was "trail" so I clicked on the terms and conditions and read tht after 30 days they do charge ur account 29.95.As far as the Wen shampoo/conditioner goes, I have naturally curly hair.

And its not course.

Ne ways i have found this product has left my hair feeling so soft and for the first time in my life I can actually wash my hair and let it air dry without it looking freezy. For people with curly hair it well worth it.


Wen and Endless Youth are both companies that just sneak around a steal your money. These companies ARE NOT to be trusted!!!

It is impossible to cancel your order, actually they stop sending the product but keep charging you account. I do not recommend this to my worst enemy. These companies need to be out business.

Save yourself anger and don't buy it. Wen does not work AT all and the vitamins are a joke!!!!


I ordered wen and my hair was the same..Then I get a bottle of endless youth and I never ordered it..They better not charge me for this because I am not paying for it..


They will continue to charge you unless you cancel. I got charged 128.84 for the product when it was just a SAMPLE -