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Wen is a rip off. I used it once and it worked great, but the second time not so good.

I figured I would try it one more time and my hair felt dirty and stiff. I did send it back, but it can take up to 4 weeks for them to return your money. In the mean time I recieved my free gift of endless youth vitamins and thinking that was it I recieve another order of them with a bill for $89.95. I called them and the said it wasn't a free gift and there was fine print and that it was a trial offer.

That company is a rip off.

They also put you on automatic payment when you order the Wen product or endless youth. This company hopes you won't return the products so they can keep your money.

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I love these vitamins by endless youth my hair grew so fast! Where can I buy them!


Vitamins from Wen are so good . i really liked .i feel with energy again


Please stop sending me your product as Ive asked you to stop! you have ruined my back account and I NEVER asked for endless youth vitamins.

you are a scam i had to call my bank and change my credit card. i told you to stop and NEVER asked for anything else. you are a scam and I will report you for the problem you have put me through. I dont even have a phone number to call you to stop this scam.

Alison A.

Hicks 517-599-0016 stop charging me money and causing me to get bank charges negative in my account. You are illegal.


I liked the wen hair products but, I did not even want the vitamins and they told me I HADTO PAY FOR THREE MONTHS FOR THE VITAMINS BECAUSE I DID NOT CANCEL SOON ENOUGH.




I agree with you. People have to really do their due diligence and research things.

Companies love to LURE you in. Once they say, free, but pay for shipping, they start billing and billing.

Continues month after month. Sorry that this happened.


I keep calling the customer service number to cancel these automatic shipments of vitamins, but the orders keep coming, & automatic deductions from my bank account continue.


Thanks guys i just read it and it said the next shipment is on 03/30/15 if i didnt come to this website i would have freaked out


I can not say what happen to you but my wife used it for years and her hair is sooo soft and manageable.

I think you should have tried it a little longer.


I love the hair care but the same thing happened to me with the vitamins! I'm so furious that I want to cancel it all!!


I was sent the Endless Youth vitamins back in calendar year 2012 and I cancelled after the second shipment. When I called to confirm, the representative told me that I signed for the 3rd shipment on a specific day.

I informed her that was impossible as I was out of state at the hospital and could prove it.

Now, 2 and 1/2 years later, I began to receive collection calls saying I owe for product received but not paid for. I never received anything after the cancellation and after 2 and 1/2 years, I should not have to be harassed and threatened with "this will be reflected as a negative action on your credit report."


This is so, true and I can't believe they have been getting away with it. What a rip off so, BEWARE is you order from them.


This company will scam you!

They advertise 40% off the large package at so I ordered $139.00 worth.

Then they did not honor the 40% off. How they get around it is they invoice you using a different date than when you ordered through Mrrebates, so they can say you did not come to them through Mrrebates. They also do not send you a confirmation email, another thing someone would need to prove the order if wanting to collect on the 40%. I spent a whole day talking with various divisions of this company and all denied they even knew Mrrebates, I asked them to state this in writing so I could confront Mrrebate and (of course) they did not follow through.

I also spent hours trying to cancel the auto renew, within the allowed time period, with no success. No-one takes accountability, their feign ignorance of the whole thing by saying Wen is a division of ..Endlessyouth … Gunthy-Renker - ect ect. I returned the whole package and put in a dispute with my credit card company. I also registered a formal complaint with Mrrebates.

Mrrebates stated they have no gain in directing customers to a company that does not participate, so of course WEN placed that deceptive ad on Mrrebates. Beware this is a complete scam, a way to get your money because how many people are going to take the time to deal with them?

They are playing a fraudulent numbers game with consumers.


Same problem with this company. They auto deduct out of your bank account.

I called and cancelled the vitamins, cosmetics and WEN and continued getting shipments and bills. They are a nightmare to work with.


I've taken the Endess Youth beautiful skin complex & I agree auto-order isn't cool. Granted I sent it back & received a prompt refund.

I have really noticed. Difference in my fingernails more than anything in my skin. My whole life my fingernails have been brittle.

After taking half a dose for 2 months, my nails are stronger than ever! (My free gift.)


I also received a trial offer of the Endless Youth Vitamins. I continue to get the "Wen Hair Cleansing Treatment" but I have never ever ordered nor want to order the vitamins.

This is the third package I have returned and I have already spoke to a person who allegedly took care of it and said I would not receive any more vitamins, yet his accent was hard to understand. Today once again I have sent it back, but my $90.00 was taken from my card unauthorized.

This is definitely causing me to go else where completely. I am very upset and angry about the professionalism they do NOT have, and there should be a legal way to get them to STOP sending me vitamins at such a outrageous price I cannot use even if I wanted to due to the ingredients caused a severe allergic reaction once before in the little bottle.

Very dissatisfied ex~customer, Tonya West


Yeah they kept sending me vitamins and now they said that i owe them!!! I never order those vitamins!!!

I don t need those vitamins!!


When canceled the product, they still sent shipments of vitamins. I returned unopened and now have a bill saying they never got back.

Well you may have a collection agency at your door if they cannot get your credit card. I canceled my card..


Rip off all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad product and they get you enrolled in this vitamin subscription.



I had a very bad reaction to endless youth that landed me in the hospital .I called the company and got through quickly they cancelled any further shipments due to my medical reaction and provided me with a confirmation number and cancellation email .I offered to send back the remaining vitamins and they told me to just dispose of them I had a zero balance and any further shipments were cancelled with no further charges.get names of reps call times and confirmation numbers .as far as wen hair care ive used it for a week and have full bouncy soft manageable hair .just have to make sure you completely rinse and rub it out of your hair and scalp.i use warm water not cool as recommended I dont have to use hairspray mousse or gels anymore.


I've had a similar experience with Wen vitamins. They ask you if you want it as an extra free gift in addition to the Wen and I unfortunately said yes.

I didn't know though that they were going to send me another bottle without my knowledge in another month!

Now I have to ship it back which is money out of my pocket! DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT IT WILL BE THE GREATEST REGRET OF YOUR LIFE.