Pemberton, New Jersey

I will start with the small positives. I genuinely liked the product.

I did not have the many issues that others seemed to have. I have been using it for almost a month and I still have all my hair. I have gotten many compliments on my hair and how great it looks. I have a very dry scalp and suffer from dandruff, it has helped with that some.

I also suffer from staticy hair because it's so dry and it too has helped with that. My hair is softer and more manageable. The products seem to be of good quality, down to the free comb. With that said on to the negative, which is a deal breaker for me.

I do have issues with the fact they auto ship your next order and charge your card.

It is not clearly stated that they will do this when you first order the product, clearly being the operative word because I'm sure it's in the fine print somewhere. I only found out after I received my purchase and there was a slip of paper telling me when I would receive my next shipment. Not only do they just send you the next order, BUT they send you the more expensive 90 day supply, which is $90! How do they know if I will even like the product that much to want to use it again.

I think this is unethical and just downright criminal. I am a working class individual and its sad to admit, but I may not always have spare money sitting around. They really need to make it clearer that you are signing up for a continual supply of the product. I really don't remember reading that part.

If I would have known that I would have never ordered the product from them. It's sad because of this they just lost a customer because I would have ordered from them again, but I refuse to be autoshipped and charged, even if I can space it out as much as 20 weeks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I wanted to order a hair care product not sign up for some "Membership" - Will not order now that I know this is happening. I do not agree with this practice. I will purchase once I can find the product in a store / salon and I know I'm only getting a one month supply to try and not a monthly subscription.


I want to say thank you to all that has posted feedback on the WEN HAIRCARE. I have been wanting to purchase it but now I will do without to avoid credit card head aches.

I am sorry for all your head aches and agree GUTHY-RENKER should be reported to BBB for there bad customer service practice. :(


I want to say thank you to all that has posted feedback on the WEN HAIRCARE. I have been wanting to purchase it but now I will do without to avoid credit card head aches.

I am sorry for all your head aches and agree GUTHY-RENKER should be reported to BBB for there bad customer service practice. :(


I really like the WEN product (Almond Mint) but because I have fine hair I find that it makes it looks greasy...which they suggest I use the Cucumber Aloe one. I tried to order it but living in Canada apparently it is not an option to change your "custom"order although on the box they say you can.

I tried to talk to the cus svc person but that was a waste of time, talked to his manager, and she told me to email. Got a reply that said "sorry Canadian customers don't have that option..." back to square one...


If you really like the product and don't want to be ripped off, DO try ordering from QVC. They are very upfront and guarantee your satisfaction. And like the other reviewer stated, they have better deals.


you can order this product on QVC with out having your card automatically billed every few months. Plus they have much better deals on this product.

For me I did not need all of the extra products I just wanted the cleansing conditioner. On QVC I can buy two 16 0z bottles for 39.99 which is the same amount that comes in the 90 day supply that cost about 90.00 dollars.


Though I DON'T agree with what DC77 wrote, as I thought it was a very rude response, I do have to be the devils advocate here. It does state in the ordering process, very clearly, that in 30 days, a 90 day supply will be shipped and your credit card/ bank account will be billed. You have 30 days from the date of order to cancel your membership. Not 30 days from receipt of the product. It's towards the end of the ordering process and clearly asks you if you still wish to place your order.

You should ALWAYS read the "fine print" before purchasing ANYTHING online or signing any legally binding document. I'm sorry you missed that part of the ordering process. But generally most companies will cancel your order and refund you your money.

I ordered mine last week and It's supposed to arrive today. The good points you made about the product has me excited now even more to use it, as I DID read the fine print and am fully aware of the 90 day supply shipment..therefore, everything sounds great to me :-)


the hair cair products are OK, not great, but be very careful ordering from WEN by Chaz Dean. they automatically sign you up for a renewing contrat.

i ordered one 30-day supply and a "free" trial of vitamins, and they signed me up for automatic renewals that cost over $200. They did that for both the hair cair products that I ordered, and the free trial of vitamins. it has been very difficult to get the deliveries and charges to my credit card stopped.

so, be careful. the products are OK, but I'll never order from the company again because I don't trust them not to try and swindle more money.


your funny and pretty dumb to order when it dose say it, its all the little print that no one reads aka Terms and Conditions:

Guthy-Renker, LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the Site. Guthy-Renker, LLC may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Terms and Conditions to which you are bound.

Basically you agreed to have this issue and you are now Complainting about it. That is very lame.