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Take it from an ex,pert we\'re not the enemy.

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first things first. I am a customer service representitive for web, have been for a few months.

One of the main things I hear from customers is, 'I didn't know I was getting more.' Whether or not you took the time to read what you were buying online, listen to the represenitive, or fully watch the infomercial, it was explained to you. You are more than welcome to call us and place a one time order for the product, but everybody wants the discount you got for signing up for the replenishment program. Which is 20%. Many proper sign up and are oh, I'm I'll cancel before 30 days, then forget.

We Will cancel you no problem, but it is our job to try and stop you, I mean you just took the 20% off the product why is it fair you can cheat the company without even getting your next order. I'm extremely angry at customer reviews about the bad customer service, it does not take an hour to get us to give you a refund, you should not be refunded for a product you stillness have. That's like going to the store.with a receipt and no product and demanding a refund, but assuring the clerk you Will bring the product in tomorrow. Seems dumb right?

My average call time is 4:13, that is because cancel calls.take 2-3 minutes, but I also have 20 min customizing kit calls. Which yes, after your first kit you can customize and scent,.any product, same low price. It's not a scam, people are just in a hurry and don't listen or read fully. Oh and if you have sores on your head, excessive hair falling out, or any other abnormal reaction, you are allergic to something in the product, we have a specialized department to help you with that..its funny how people make the claim of these horrible reactions they are having, but we have LONG TIME CUSTOMERS, that have absolutely no problem with the product.

When you were at your doctor getting all these tests did you bother bringing in a bottle and asking if you could be allergic to something in the product? I love my wen, i use fig.and my hair is soft, manageable, healthy all the claims the infomercials have. Object one more thing,.read.the directions, 5 pumps for your whole head IS NOT ENOUGH, 5-8 pumps per section sectioned in 4.

Sigh, we.have different scents for different hair types, so if you are using it correctly and its weighing your hair down, customize to a different scent. Every kit has a 60 day money back guarantee

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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If she work's for the company or not, i agree with all she says. I understand what she says, I'm customer service as well, just not for this company.

One thing she's only been at the job for a few months, and customer service is a stressful job, people aren't always nice, and worse on the phone..... and typing on the computer, people don't seem to be kind either. As for the product its about the same price as what you'd get at your hair salon, so if it works for you, stick to it.

Because I've spent big bucks and low bucks, why nit try it once, if it doesn't work, try something else again. :)


it's difficult to follow your posting since you can't spell. "Chaz Dean has been selling web for years at his salon" ? And you didn't just type it wrong wonder people are complaining about customer service.


Honestly, this tactic, or scam is not new. I am actually watching the commercial right NOW as it is on my DVR, and not once YET have I seen in words or heard with my ears that the charges occur more than once.

It is over in 4 minutes. At first I thought it was a parody of some other ridiculous "as seen on TV product". Now, two minutes until the end it talks about the "special low price" and "insider price reduction" with free shipping. One minute left and finally it says it is every month and can be canceled at any time.

TINY writing, I had to pause the DVR at this point. It says in small words barely visible "includes auto-ship delivery". So, a scam? No.

Misleading and manipulative? Yes. Be vigilant people.

Don't fall for garbage on television or online. Talk to your hair stylist or just go to the drug store.


She def. got employee of the year award!

Lol Good product or not I think its pretty weird that someone would feel this passionate about defending a product for their job. For any company employee to go to a site that is clearly based on consumer opinions is extreme. One might even say a bit fishy.

Considered buying the product but not convinced after this. Question is Do you do this on every site that complains about the product?!?!?


I appreciate ur perspective, i've never tried the product but I do intend to regardless of the upset ppl on here. Consumers never really do their homework and out of ignorance they attack in fear.

I find it humourous someone is defending ppl being entitled to their own opinion yet try to strip you of yours, mock your phones condition and attack your job in an attempt to belittle you because you choose to stand up for your employer. Lol factor is A+ on here! I'm gonna buy and try and i'm going to take the time to listen to the rep I get and make sure I ask the right questions.

But at the end of the day I won't be coming back to this website - pissed consumer is a place where ppl come to do exactly what they have done to you vanisheDsaRah =)take the ***. They're after revenge not resolution - save ur time for those who want to be educated and smile knowing atleast u helped someone who appreciated it!


5-8 pumps in sections of four!?? That's just crazy


99% infomercials are 99% hype!


Maybe if you had a better job you could afford a new phone.


I just ordered the product and it was shipped on yesterday. Now granted I was aware of the monthly recurring charges, but wasn't aware that there were certain scents for different hair types.

I am african american with natural kinky hair.

Which should I be using? I think it's wonderful that you take the time to explain.


I bet you really work for the company because you're acting like such a ***... It's tough making $10/hr.

I understand, but leave your attitude at the door.

You're not forced into slavery. Quit if you can't handle it.


Whoa! I honestly had no idea that I would be getting multiple orders!

It's not something that it very obvious until after I read the reviews and then searched the website and realized that they would keep coming. Watching the commercial I thought it was simply a one time deal. It should be that if I like the product I will buy more.

I think that I will have to cancel my order now. :( boo


Oh one more thing, quite possible it does not work on your hair, but if it doesn't does that mean its a scam? Chaz Dean has been selling web for years at his salon.


So you are saying everything put on this website is constructive? I'm not squashing peoples opinions but I've seen it first hand, from the other side of the line, my apology if you were offended by me telling people how it truly works. My job is personal, you are taking my post out of context, it isn't a complaint really, more like information.


You need to cool out, and stop taking your job so personally. People are allowed to have their own opinions, let me tell you not all products work on every person.

Period. Argue that till you're blue in the face but your rant is not a review, its a complaint that should have been kept in your mouth.

Offer constructive advice, or don't bother... Please and thanks.


Apologize for the bad grammar and spelling mistakes, I'm typing on a touch screen phone with a cracked screen