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I was given the Wen Haircare System by my sister-in-law who said that the product didn't work for her but thought it might work for me. She has long, thick, wavey hair that she washes very 2nd or 3rd day.

She said it didn't do anything for her hair except weigh it down and made it feel a little oily. I have long, fine, straight, oily hair that I have to wash each morning or it is just an oily mess. I tried the product for one week to try to give it a chance. During that week, my hair looked like I hadn't washed it in the mornings at all.

It would not hold a curl and fell as soon as I touched the curls I put in with my curling iron.

This product was a waste of money. I would encourage anyone considering this product to turn around and find something else.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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You need to rinse your hair fully with luke warm water people! I used the product before and my hair was oily after. I realized that you have to take a little longer to rinse the product out of your hair...its not shampoo!


Can you tell us the ingredients so maybe we could make our own.


Try it as a conditioner mixed with a shampoo let it soak withthem mixed. I never used wen, i use vitmin e oil mixed with shampoo, it worksbetterthen conditioner for me, i have very thin hair.

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