Asheboro, North Carolina

I started using WEN and from the first day I used the FIG product I felt a major tingling in my scalp and thought this is strange. I kept using it and 2 months after use my hair is dry, brittle, thinning, damaged, breaking when I get my hair colored.

I immediately Stopped using WEN and bought hair vitamins and major hair mask to help my dmanaged hair. I've always had thick curly hair now it's broken off and Badley damaged. I worn anyone using WEN!!

I trashed it all and will stick to my Bumble & Bumble products! I hope to have my thick shiny healthy hair back by thanksgiving!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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Telling someone that they can get their money back when they've lost their hair is not at all helpful. By the same token telling that same person that they're losing their hair because they're not using the product correctly is also ludicrous. Cleansing your hair is not rocket science. Conversely I don't think telling someone who is losing their hair to keep using it makes any sense at all either.

Now for those on the other side of the aisle. Wen is not a bad product. It may be bad for you and you may have picked a bad fragrance for you that does not mean that it is a bad product. And there are plenty of people who have seen an improvement in the condition of their hair after using Wen.

I have been on both sides of the Wen argument. But I am never one to believe that a product is either all good or all bad. Now I am not about to try and convince any of you of anything I'm just going to share my experience and make a few comments.

Wen is a cleansing conditioner. It's not going to moisturize your hair anymore then a moisturizing shampoo does. Therefore when I need an extra moisture I use the mask once a week or once month as needed. Initially I tried the Fig and I hated it. I have an oily scalp to begin with and this seemed to make it oilier. My hair looked greasy at the scalp and dry at the ends and I decided I didn't want to use Wen anymore. I went back to regular sulfate shampoo for over a year.

The next time I came back to it I did my research. I found the Teatree which does cleanse the scalp, eliminates flakiness, and keeps hair follicles clear. I found that Cucumber Aloe is a much lighter gentle formula that can be used on a daily basis. And I learned to change the directions when I'm not using Teatree and start at the ends of my hair and move up towards the scalp. And made a world of difference for me. Lavender and Sweet Almond Mint became my staples. The latter I only use in winter and only after massaging my scalp with Teatree something I do every time I cleanse my hair no matter what formula I use on my hair. My hair looks great. But if it didn't I would stop using it and when I have tried the other formulas and have had no success I've tossed them right away. My hair was dry and brittle with Winter Mint, Pomegranate.

Even though Wen claims that all fragrances are for all hair types they are most definitely not. Therefore if they will not work for everyone's hair. They also, and this is extremely important, do not rinse out the same way. Because there are no sulfates your hair doesn't feel squeaky clean. That's a good thing. Sulfates do strip your hair of moisture. We're all so used to having that feeling we can't tell sometimes when our hair is actually clean until it's dry. I know that I have to use cool water to cleanse and rinse. When I've used a heavier formula or The moisturizing mask like Sweet Almond Mint I rinse twice as long just to be sure.

I'd be curious to know which formulas all of you were using.


There seems to be this freightening and false impression that the damage to one's hair because someone is not using wen correctly or because they have stopped using wen and if only they continued using wen things would get better. Well let me tell you; Wen IS NOT good for your hair.

This product will clog your hair follicles and although it is think, it does not moisturize the hair but over time, will actually dry out your hair prompting breakage. And the train of thought that you have to continue use of this product to "reverse" the effects of other shampoos and conditioners is absolutely crazy.

READ THESE *** POST!!!!!! NO ONE is reporting severe hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff and hair breakage from products that were used either before or after wen!!!!!!!

If as a consumer, you like this product, *** if you love this product good for you, but do not insult the inteligence of those of us who have literally lost heads of healthy hair due to this product!!


My hair started falling out at the root and it dulled color. Wen clogs the pores and doesnt clean the scalp.

Very damaging to the hair. I use and previously used before Wen, Organix hair products and they work great!


I used this product ONCE and it absolutely ruined my hair. Right after the first use my hair starting breaking and falling out and continues to do so every day.

This is the worst product I have ever put on my hair.

I certainly will be not able to get my hair colored when it is time due to all the breakage. I am heartbroken over what this product did to my hair.


the reason your hair is in such bad shape is because you quit using wen. Your using *** shampoo thats stripping your hair.


WEN has a full money back guarantee, send any bottles back with any remaining product and they will give you a full refund