After paying $29.95 for the first shipment, I called and notified them that I did not want anymore shipments of this product. The company went ahead and sent me another 3 month supply shipment.

I called again and they advised me to return the shipment immediately and that my credit card would be credited after they received the shipment back. That it would take approx. 4 weeks.

They charged me over $95.00 and it's been over eight weeks and I have not gotten my money back. I did not notice any improvement on my hair after using this product.

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Thanks everyone for putting up the blogs I was getting ready to order it and just happen to notice pissed consumer......sorry to all of you who seem to have got tied up into this.....hope your issues are sorted out soon


I am going through the same thing! I stopped using it after reading all the reports of hair loss.

I have been trying to cancel my subscription since August. They have billed me 2x since then for $97+ EACH time.

I was told last week it would take 48 hours to credit my account back, I called this week and they said it would take 4-6 WEEKS. I would not recommend this company or product to anyone.

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