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Today on 2-4-2011, I did not even get to use to product because the customer service representative was SO RUDE. She was extremely pushy and when I said no to ordering the product due to the high additional cost and adding the automatic re-supply each month that you must get, she HUNG UP on me because she was angry.

She also did not know much about the product, she had to type the question in online and research it. Then when i called back, the MANAGER had an attitude, talked to me in a rude and pushy manner, then wanted to push me to re-order!!


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I love my wen hair care. I cannot believe all the negative comments.

I will never use any other product on my hair. The sweet almond mint gives my scalp a nice tingle and the process of cleansing my hair doesn't really take that much more time.

I have not used all the misc. other products because I have found that the cleansing conditioner followed up with one or two pumps of the conditioner following the initial cleanse is plenty.

So sorry that the others had problems, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.


I just contacted their customer service to follow up on my order? they didnt know a thing!

but they sure took the monies right out of my account! I cant believe this company, they cant even find my order & they charged me?

I am definetly disappointed. I wish I read this before purchasing this product.


I have been using the Wen products for the past 6 weeks, it leaves my haor feeling oliy and weighed down. It also seems to be stripping my hair color from my hair.

I can usually go about 6 weeks in between touch up to cover the grays. I had to go 3 weeks early because it was so bad. Not sure why but I continued to use the product and now only 3 weeks later I feel I need to go for a touch up again!

I have NEVER had this problem before and I have been coloring my hair for years due to premature grays.

Maybe its just the reaction on my hair, but please be forewarned that this may happen to you as well.

I am no longet using the product, hopefully I can get the automatic shipments canceled and the payments to stop being withdrawn from my account. Wish me luck!


ijust used Wen Almond Mint today 2/5/11 and had a very severe allergic reaction. My face, scalp and neck broke out in angry red bumps.

My scalp began to burn.

I had to hurry and wash the product out. Please don't use this product.

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