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Do not fall for this scam. Wen Hair is involved in a scam.

They are running an advertisement right now where they offer Wen Hair Product for a 30-day supply "free shipping". Alyssa Milano comes on the ad and advertises for Chaz and gets you to trust that this 30-day supply is truly "free" shipping. It is NOT. Approximately 20-days later you will receive a package SHIPPED to you that starts your 90-day supply that you are now being charged for.

The 30-day supply that you thought you were getting for "free" shipping at $29.95 is now costing you $169.....if YOU PAY to ship it back they will then only credit your charge card when they receive the product back not me this product is NOT worth this hassle. I have always liked Alyssa Milano ~ not anymore. For her to put her name to such a scam is shameful. I hope Chaz is paying her a ton of money to put such a black mark on her reputation.

I also would never use Chaz's products again and would never recommend them to anyone because of this scam. Consumer beware........

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