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Extremely rude customer service, was hung up on 2 seperate times and had to call back.... Very dis satisfied with the product.....

Took me an hour on the phone to get anything refunded. WILL NEVER EVER order any products from this company again!!!!! Ever!!!!! Hair care scam, made my hair feel nasty!!!

Worst expierence ever!!!!! Worst product I've ever used!! Not good and will never use again!! I hope this post detours you from ordering.....

It's not mirical hair care it's junk.... Dont go threw the hassle it takes almost 2 months to get a refund!! Do yourself a favor and buy nexus or matrix hair product or even better is chi in my opinion....

Wen continues to ship without you knowing and it's not 29.99 it's 44.00 and in 2 payments.... Stay away crappy product and *** to get it returned and refunded....

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You must be an ***, you probably watch those late night tv shows! I ordered from the Internet, I was told by a friend that ordered that she was gonna try it and I was desperate for a good hair care product...

So think before you write! Also my friend was not happy with it!! You have to use a ton of product to wash your hair!!! Mine is really long and i had to use 10+ pumps per section!

Thank you for your not needed *** comment! Get a life and quit trying to put ppl down....

You must have no self esteem and have to put ppl down to feel good about yourself! Lame!


thanks for your complete honesty. I am not going to order this product.


Only suckers buy products sold on late night infomercials and QVC. You get what you pay for.

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