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I tried to cancel my $29.00 trial offer, then received an email stating "you may have a balance and we may bill you". I call about this email, the Wen people say "OH, but you ordered vitamins too".

NO I DIDN'T. Then called "cancel the vitamin line" it says. "Welcome to our Vitamin line" please call back during regular Call back to the WEN line to find out the regular hours to the vitamins line.

The hours are 0830am to 6:30 pm. EASTERN TIME.

Everyone west of the Rockies cancel by noon. BAD BUSINESS.

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Dear Grandma Seattle,

Kindly contact our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team at They will get back to you within 24 hours.

Many Thanks


honestly u spent all how long commenting the same thing on every post? turn your computer off and get a life.


You deserved to get burned. Stop buying cheap online sh*T.

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