I would love to try the Wen hair care products, but I hate Guthie Renker's way of doing business. Where else do you buy products and they assume that you love the product and want more without asking?

I like to try new products then decide if I want to continue using said product. It is a hassle to have to call and cancel. And if they have shipped before you cancel (I have received products from GR back to back) you are stuck either paying for the product or paying for shipping.

Too bad Guthie Renker is involed.

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Tinana, Queensland, Australia #244547

I have seen many things about the way Guthy-Renker is working to get your money but how many of you have actual taken the time to read their policies. I know that I haven't ordered any of their products but I actually had a brain to read what it says for what they are going to ship you.

It states they will send you a 30 day supply of something and then after that 30 days, it will ship you a 90 day supply and will do so until you cancel. So I will say this, quit putting the blame on a company that you, yourself, are able to read in fine print, on the internet or over the tv.


I agree I ordered proactive with them a while back. They kept charging my card.

When I called to cancel the lady said I clicked the 90 day subscription. Um...no I didn't.

On top of that she was a ***. I ended up getting my money back but these people are scam artists




Agree with negative comments about GR. The "auto" shipment trap is why I don't try many products that are not available in stores.


I purchase mine from QVC no confusion and you can always choose auto delivery don't understand why you have to be signed up for more from his site if you don't want to.Why would you hassle your clients with the need to call back and cancel. If your product does what it should they will be back because they like the product not because they have to hassle with stopping the reorder. Sounds like a waste of time for both the consumer and the company :? :?

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #212177

You can buy directly from Chaz Dean's website or from QVC. You can also order from Guthy but use a prepaid debit card that only works if you load money on it. Guthy-Renker is pond ***.

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