Marlinton, West Virginia
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I have been using Wen from July 2014 to around December 2014. At first, I liked it and had no problems.

Then I started losing "clumps" of hair in the shower. Even throughout the day I couldn't even run my fingers through my hair without pulling out a huge amount. I walked around with hair all over my shirts. When I went to my hairdresser she said that I had this build up on my scalp, she also said that I had flakes throughout my hair that looked the same as the build up on my scalp.

I started paying attention and the build up on my scalp led to all kinds of white sediment in my hair. My hair would tangle very easily and knot up. I started getting a bald spot in the part of my hair. All of this started AFTER I started using Wen shampoo and conditioner.

I have been documenting my hair loss and after just 4 hair washes I have a quart size baggie full of hair that I have lost..and that is a lot of hair!! Even after I stopped using Wen, I'm still losing hair! It's strange but not everyone loses hair with mom has used it for almost a year and hasn't lost any hair or had any problems.

I've also read that some people don't have any problems with it. So, I don't understand but it appears that some people have hair loss and others don't..

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I see 1000s of complaints of hair loss online from Wen cleansing conditioner, but the FDA said they have just a handful of complaints. For the FDA to be able to do anything, they need lots of complaints!

Please call FDA at 888-723-3366. They will direct you to your regional office to file your complaint.


I also have been using wen for a year and have had extreme hair loss. I am so upset.

I pray that by stopping the use of the product my hair will regrow. My scalp is now itchy which drives me insane.

I wish i never would have started using this product. So very disapointed!


I could send you a free sample of the shampoo and conditioner I sell if you're interested? Wen made my hair extremely greasy and gunky.

I hated it!

LOVE The stuff I sell! Send me a message


Hello, We would like to learn more about your experience with WEN and assist with anything outstanding on your account. Please take one final step and contact us here: so that someone from our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team can speak with you directly regarding this matter. Thank you.