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I had been using Wen for about 6 months noticed hair loss in shower did'nt put it together until I had VERY EXPENSIVE hair extensions put in. I did'nt use Wen at first with my extensions used recommended shampoo.

Called Wen to see if ok to use with them MISTAKE should have called hair extensions Co. I've lost almost all my extensions called hair extension co and they said it had happened to other people that used it!

Now i have NO hair in back of my head. Help how can we make Wen pay for this?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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Hello Everyone!

I am so sorry for your unfortunate event with WEN Hair Products, I on the other hand have had raving results and would love to purchase whatever products you may still have left! Better to recoup a little then to throw it out and lost all your funds. Please email back with what you have, scent, open or not, best asking price and where you live (just the main city) I am in Chula Vista, a small area in San Diego. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!


A satisfied WEN girl


I have been using Wen for about 6 months...I noticed large amounts of hair in my brush a month after begining using Wen...Dismissed it as thyroid medication...Stopped using thyroid meds, still losing hair...Stopped using Wen my hair is very thin now but after stopping Wen I know longer have the large quantity of hair in my brush...In fact a whole 10 days of using a alternate shampoo did not produce as much hair loss as 1 time use of Wen...Only hope my hair returns...Don't buy WEN



I too like toolee have found that now after having been using Wen for about 5-6 months - that I am starting to lose hair FAST !!!

In just a matter of about 3 weeks now, I have lost so much hair that you can really see my scalp bad on top. And I have ALWAYS had SUCH THICK hair that to even put my hair up in a pony tail it would be about 2 inches thick. But now, it is hard to even be able to put my hair up at all. EVERY TIME I just carefully brush my hair it is full of freshly fallen hairs !!!

It has me wanting to pull out my hair, but if I did I would be COMPLETELY BALD !!!

THANKS WEN ..... NOT !!!!!


:( Are you kidding me yolo? and Bob.

Yolo and Bob, what terribly strong and virile names we have here. Clearly you know not what it feels like to lose your hair, and clearly you're too young to be on this site in the first place. how did you get here that you would be here to ridicule someone else who is seriously through something really awful. Your sensitivity is mind boggling and I only pray that you never have to go through such a thing, unfortunately for you?

Karma says you've already started down a long, long path of retribution and negativity. Stop yourselves now or they'll be no one and nothing good in your life. As for Gianna, thank you! As for Toolee and losing her hair?

This is horrible and I am so sorry you're going through this. I would get myself a lawyer big time. I really mean it. I'd go one step further, I'd ask that he do what is needed to get a class action lawsuit going.

You'll not only get back some confidence in yourself and the system, but you'll shut this company and "Chaz", please, and his oh so fabulous WEN, down. I'll be praying for you.


To yolo....lmfao & to cracker bob.....***,you should be ashamed of yourselfs ! This is the reason this world is so bad,cause you people think its funny that someone lost their hair!

Mierdas , born & raised in sicilia & was raised to never laugh at someones expense! Shame on both of you!


ghahahaha ***