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Still waiting on a class action lawsuit!!! I hope Chaz Deans hair falls out to !!!

Original review posted by user Oct 30, 2011

I have thick full long hair, well let me rephrase that HAD, I started using wen and my hair is falling out by the handful...can we do anything about this???I went to the FDA website and was going to post a complaint, this is horrible!!!! I started noticing the hair loss right after I started using it, but never didn't put it all together till I was on wen website to see if others had hair loss, I quit using it 5 days ago and still have huge hair loss...I want others to know about this, if I would of read some of these comments , I never would of bought my shipment!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $49.

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I am loosing my hair too. However, I am 60 and so they will not allow me to be part of the lawsuit with the Schmidt firm. Anyone else out there that has been successful in joining a lawsuit with any other law firm?


I got two big bold spots after using Wen. I had to have a hat on for months.

I went to the doctor twice and it didn't start to get better until I stopped using WEN. I still have the baldness.


I too have experienced hair loss and am/was a Wen customer! So far, I've seen two doctors, one of which was a specialist.

I've received a clean bill of health...the hair loss is not related to the thyroid, vitamin deficiency, etc. I was puzzled until I learned of hair loss involving other Wen customers. My hair loss has been very substantial.

I am currently on medication to try to stop the loss. I too am interested in a class-action suit.


how can people be so dumb. shampooing the scalp with NIOXIN removes all the WEN buildup resulting in new growth..

18 bucks. Whoever doesn't know applying a massive conditioning agent to the scalp will cause build up in the follicle causing hair loss is missing a chromosome.


I went the the sand thing! I lost half of my hair in abouta mouths time.

I took pictures of the amout of hair that i lost in a day then took them my dr who ran test to see of I was suffering from some type of vitamin deficiency, my text came back fine so I took it upon myself to stop using WEN... not long after that my hair no longer fell out so to see if it was the shampoo I began to use it again and sure enough my hair began to fall out again so I stop again and shortly after that my husband came across this... I believe without WEN is what caused my hair to fall out and my daughter's. I called an attorney today but because they weren't aware of the suit they would take my case...

I really like to know who I need to call?

Thank you if you can help me... Dee C.


Sorry my spell check jacked up my post... and to add, i believe it was the almond conditioner that caused my hair to fall bc it began right after I switched to that one...


Somebody is suing.


I have been using sweet almond mint since 2011.Went for a hair consult at salon today.Told I have face framing layers.No I said that is broken off hair.My hair is dry and falling out in handfuls.My friend told me on the news tonight about the WEN lawsuit.I was wondering why my hair is falling out in handfuls and clogging the drain? Thinning also.Im perfectly healthy and on no medications.Buyer beware.Want to find a lawyer in North Carolina to get in on the class action .Spent a lot of cash on the product.Im going to buy normal shampoo tomorrow!!


Christiansen Davis LLC is a Dallas law firm currently investigating products designed and sold by Wen by Chaz Dean, and the direct marketing company, Gunthy-Renker LLC. We believe these products, particularly the cleansing conditioners, may lead to hair loss and/or damage to the hair and scalp.

If you have purchased any of the products and/or are unsatisfied with the advertised results, we would like to visit with you as part of our investigation. Please contact to let us know by visiting our website at


I am soooooooooo happy I did my research before trying wen. The customer service sounds like a nightmare, and I need all the hair I have on my head.

I can't believe they are still peddling this product will all the negative reviews I have read.

Sounds like the better business bureau needs to step in and shut down this practice of ripping people off.


I hate to say I am glad I am not the only one, but I was beginning to think I was making this all up! My hair is a mess and now I see that this has happened to many folks.

They should not be allowed to sell this product, my mom gets in the the mail every month. They keep sending it and she is telling them to stop.

I WANT MY HAIR BACK! I will never mess with another product off TV!


I used the WEN product two times and I started to see hair falling out.I stopped and went back to my regular shampoo and no more hair lost. But I lost about two to three inches in the front of my hair.

Wen is not a good hair care product for me and I will be happy to see a laws


:? :cry :cry :cry :( :( :(


OMG... This is so bad... and they won't quit sending met this damaging product.. I think they send you all this *** and commercial hype like your hair is going to be all of a sudden rich and healthy.. however.. this has just ruined my hair..

i am going to reach out for either Mr. Chaz Dean or his staff.. if you will, to reach back out to what they have done to me.. ruining my life... Our hair is our crowning glory.. and now it is just the worst.. i may have to wax my head over this.. and they just keep sending me the stuff.

by this email.. i am saying. Chaz,, don't send me any more of your product.. please come and get all these shipments.. and get off of my bank account now..

cc my atty

also.. on your site.. you show somebody else's monetary loss at like < $50 ... come on Chaz.. give me a call so we can all square up re our losses.. and how you will speak to them. .

Chaz,,you may most certainly contact me.. as you do have all my information.. and please let me know what you are going to do to make my everything right..waiting for your call... me


:( :( :( I was on here because I was sick of QVC'S antics and THANK GOD I FOUND THIS......strange because qVC happenes to be their largest distributor.......anyway, I ordered 2 huge bottles of WEN and I started losing my hair by the handfuls and more the more I went to brush it, or wash it, the more I could grab handfuls of hair, YES HANDFULS, I went to my doctor, they are doing batteries of tests on tyroid etc.....and my doctor said "well u have sooo soo much hair it would make sense to be naturally shedding" , which of course is what I told myself before i even went to the docs........then, at the Dr.s a month later and i ran my hand through my hair and a handful YES HANDFUL THICK HANDFULS, ,I jusy gently ran my hand threw my hair and a handful slid out and , my Dr. saw it, hiis eyes got huge, he ordered tests , swtched my meds...(which has made me ill and a whole battery of problems 2 happen, I am now being treated for tyroid, however, when my doctor saw this he got up and looked thru my hair and said "bald spots, thinning , he then walked over to the trash can and threw away A HANDFUL THAT HE HELD UP IN THE AIR 1ST, he said, it seemed like "a chemo type effect was going on, possibly tyroid and hormones", but, he did say that not one thing makes any sense as to what was happening......I had ordered vitamins and a few thing to help my hair grow back, if anyone is interested in knowing what I started taking to make it grow back , and all im doing like adding home remedy stuff to my shampoos etc...

let me know on here, I do not want to post vitamins or anything that could mess with someone who is ill's system, but I would say it seems to be working, but I mean its just like I didnt shave for two days stubble, but, better than nothing,calcium, vit. d, kelp, vit, E it keeps going on and im going broke but I had to do something, I went by a thyroid problem, i am into homeopathics, so I am NO DOCTOR, I JUST DO HOMEWORK FROM BOOks, info on;ine info from others, info from health food stores, (not GNC, Real health foodstores) ETC.... AND TAKE WHAT THEY SAY EAT WHAT THEY SAY, etc...........there are two things I truly believe 2b helping, but as I said I dont want to post unless you ask your doctor etc... but I feel my hair beauty secrets are in order here and would gladly tell anyone what I am taking to make my hair stop falling out like hair, skin, and nails, from CVS or alot of places and topical things...

(that didnt happen, it didnt stop it from falling out, it just made it grow,just some stubble over 3 mons...but its better than nothing..... and now looking back, I ran out of WEN 3 months ago and am just now seeing regrowth, I truly had thick beautiful hair "had " being the operative word, it was one of the few things i liked about myself.......I was going nuts trying to reorder WEN when QVC cut me off for sending to much back, which is how i got to this link, soo by the way THANK YOU QVC, I WILL NO LONGER BE LOSING MY HAIR OR MONEY BECAUSE OF YOU!!!LOL IM SUCH A MESS I HAD TO SEE THE IRONY OF IT ALL.......ok, so, I was reading " pissed off at QVC" on here, and all those going through their scam game going on......and I spotted WEN problems, WEN made me loss my hair and of course, went here immediatly, the shampoo I switched to was Pantene for my type of hair, and their conditioner and deep conditioner, and oils and OMG ETC....trying to get my straw like hair to look nice again, but because WEN did make knots come out, I was thinking Pantene must not work.... obviously its the opposite, I am willing to spend a mint to keep my hair healthy, but you DONT HAVE TO.........just take my word for it, im not saying use white rain or suave ( that stuff is murder on my hair) TRY PANTENE ......STOP NOW ASAP USING WEN, BUT I WOULDNT THROW IT OUT IN CASE SOMEHOW THERES A LAWSUIT, YOU WILL HAVE PROOF....., DONT PaSS IT OVER TO SOMEONE ELSE EVEN IF THEY WANT IT .....I read someones friend wanteD it for their dog, well, my pomeranian I was bathing him in it, he is bald, bald, and nothing makes his grow back.....not yet, the vet said he had developed alopecia, but now, he has sent WEN away to a lab wondering why me and my little pooch are he put it like this"having a nair effect",HAS anyone else tried sending or going to a chemist for answers? ...I will post if theres anything found......

I am aghast, horrified I mean the infomercials run all night and day, my question, CAN AND HOW DO i SUE THEm? AND HOW IN THE HECK IS THIS *** ON THE MARKET STILL, AND HOW DID IT GET THERE??? Alyssa Milano, Holly Robertson , and now BRooke BuRKE i think its her dark haired Brooke not Blonde Brooke, anyway, IF U ARE USING THIS TRULY , U SHOULD STOP, BUT IF U HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THIS SHAME ON YOU, AND KARMA WILL SET IN IM SURE AND U WONT LAND ANYMORE JOBS EXCEPT WHAT KILLED CHERS CAREER, INFOMERCIALS........I am in the industry, and just because theres a celebrity, and they are has been most of them however, they are ACTRESSES so, of course they could sell whatever.......if anyone else knows any supplements or smampoos, oils, ANYTHING THAT WOULD HELP.... stuff that bring any kind of life back to my straw like hair please Post it, if IKNEW HOW TO START A NEW POST ABOUT HOW TO GET EVERYONES HAIR BACK IN SHAPE DUE TO WEN, LET ME KNOW, i THINK //I can help with somethings I have found......oh and I noticed WEN HAS A NEW SYSTEM , AND I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD KEEP YOUR BOTTLE AND OR RECEIPTS, SO YOU CAN PROVE YOU USED IT WHAT HAPPENED ETC.....SO DONT THROW UR WEN AWAY, I want to jknow how to sue them, and to prove i used it, i have the bottles, ( which he has a 6 piece system anyway because you CANT JUST USE WEN, I NEW WHEN I SAW THE INFOMERCIAL AND I SAW ALL THE PRODUCTS HE HAD TO USE WITH IT, THAT IT WAS B.S., but I tried it because it untangled my hair.....around my face iS the worst, its so sparse I just look like im going bald and I AM A PERSON WHO SUFFERS FROM MANY HEALTH PROBLEMS already, and besides the stress from this, I DONT WANT TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR ANYMORE, I have had my hair fall out due to illness, and it finally grew back, NOW SOME COMPANY IS BRINGING AT THE LEAST UNDUE STRESS, low self esteem, etc., etc etc, but the scariest thing is that , I WAS CONVINCED I WAS ILL AGAIN AND THATS BEYOND STRESSFUL, to say the least, and scary...............the scariest thing????HOW CAN SOMETHING LIKE THIS GET ON THE MARKET AND STAY THERE FOR SO LONG???????

THAT TO ME IS THE SCARIEST THING.... AND KNOWING CHAZ DEAN IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK,and I am draining my account trying to undo what WEN DID!!!!!!!!its TRULY DISGUSTING AND FRIGHTENING.......... :cry :cry :cry :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :? I COULD WRITE FOR HOURS, BUT I HAVE TO STOP HERE....IVE SAID ALL THAT TRULY MATTERS, I HOPE WE CAN GET SOME KIND OF "HOW I GOT MY HAIR BACK AFTER USING WEN" TYPE OF THING GOING, BUT I HAVE NO CLUE HOW OR WHERE TO DO THAT....MAYBE IF WE ALL SHARE OUR SO called beauty secrets for hair and growing it back, and what is working if anything truly does work in the end.....IF THERE IS SUCH A THING I KEEP LOOKING AT MY DOG, WHO IVE TRIED EVERYTHING FOR HIM BUT NOTHING WORKED YET........AND I AM TRULY AFRAID I'M IN THE SAME BOAT.........I DO HAVE NY BEAUTICIANS LICENSE, AND I WOULD SAY TO TRY a clarifying shampoo or head and shoulders type thing rub into my scalp for at least 3 minutes, protect the rest of ur hair with a condiyioner (as not to make your hair even drier) and rinse the scalp thourghly, so the scalp is free of all the gunk that gets in there, and leaves you with a scalp thats not clogged, so hopefully it will be nice and clean at scalp to allow it to grow, if its more thing, "if somethin seems to good to b true, and if you have to use up to 40 to 60 pumps, and twice if need and more pumps a(and this is really bad but more pumps to leave this stuff in as a leave in conditioner..........I mean, i beat myself up for not going with my gut and saying "somethings not right here...extra extra products and more pumps of WEN SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER, then anyone would ever use in like weeks....

something has always seemed wrong when it came to this, but I just thought, "their way of getting more money"....NEVER thought "this will make all my hair FALL OUT AND POSSABLY, FOR GOOD!!!!!!! oh maybe the worst thing of all, not only will any colorist not touch my hair because its so DAMAGED IT WOULD FALL OFF, BREAK, ETC... BUT i GROW MY HAIR FOR 6 YEARS THEN CUT IT OFF FOR CANCER PATIENTS, THIS TIME IT WAS sooooooooooo damaged they just cut it off and threw it we all dont have enough (or i do) problems in life.........

:cry :cry :cry :? :sigh :sigh :sigh


Hello, I used wen for two years. Hair loss started about a month into use.

Stopped using it about two or three months ago, hair still falling. I would love to know what you and everyone is doing to help stop the hair loss and start regrowing hair.

I started using Selsun Blue yesterday and will use it every day for two weeks. How it helps.


The wen makes your hair follicles suffocate and come out by the roots is what my dermatologist said, he gave me some stuff to help and said get the vitamins for hair , skin and nails and gave me a prescription it took about two months for the hair to stop, I even had it cut short because the length I had was long and heavy and want helping, good luck to you.


i love wen. no hair loss been using it over 10 years. it works for some people.


I used wen for a few months until i noticed hair all over the bathroom floor. I used the wen hair mask but it kept falling out.

At first i did not believe that it was the wen since it supposed to be so good for the hair. I stopped using it and went back to the Carols Daughter line and my hair stopped falling out and is now growing back.

I lost a lot of hair using wen and my hair has never fell out with any other product like this. This is the absolute truth.


I see people are still using this awful product!!!This company should be sued !!!!


I just wanted to say after I stopped using WEN, my hair stopped falling out, I had to cut off my long hair, because WEN destroyed it and it also took about a month before it stopped falling out, I hope these posts stop some people from trying this awful product!!! I wish I would of seen them before I used this awful product, every time I see a infocommercial with Chaz Dean, I want to pull his hair out!!!