Los Angeles, California

I ordered the $29.99 special product. Then with out my consent was put on a auto ship program which I had to return at my own expense and go through many changes to cancel and after disputing it still did not receive full credit through my Amex Card that was charged for it again without my knowledge or consent!!!

That also was a surprise they took off their s/h charges for sending it to me?! So I ended up paying over $14 for nothing!!!

I'm also very disappointed with American Express for allowing them to get away with it! So my advice is, if you order this product be 'very' careful and watch out for the auto ship!

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I don't understand, my mother ordered wen special and loved it, but when she decided not to use it anymore I called and canceled the auto-ship for her. The product sopped coming the very next month and no other charges were ever charged.


I called a month ago to cancel all shipments bc I didnt want to pay tooth and nail for hair care. So the woman who took my call told me I was available for the 20% off customer saver thing they implement when they fear that they will lose a client.

I had til may to make my decision to stay or leave. Today I get this gnarled box from wen and SUPER surprised IN A BAD way.

And apparently my card was charged last month the month I was told I won't get anything unless I want it and in May. I am very unhappy


We got the 29.99 trial Aug.25,11, 60 day money back garentee. The got the package 7 days later, & 1st month, I checked on my credit card on Sep.30,11, & saw a new bill of 39.94 on the card.

Told credit card we did not order the 2nd auto ship, because we were still in 1st month of trying product. Called Wen customer help, she said the auto was in 1st trial shipping order. She took us off the auto ship & out of club & said for us to send back 2nd box un opened & we'd get our card re-embursed. Did that & USPS saw it was un-opened & put Refused on box.

Oct.7,11. Talked to two other customer ser.people, they said same thing. Nov.9,11 noticed 7.99 on our card & attached to trial off we already paid for. Told credit card help,we did not charge this & what is this for.

Still have not recieved refund from 2nd box we returned. Going to tell atty.Gen.& BBB.


I am going through the same thing! I stopped using it after reading all the reports of hair loss.

I have been trying to cancel my subscription since August. They have billed me 2x since then for $97+ EACH time. I was told last week it would take 48 hours to credit my account back, I called this week and they said it would take 4-6 WEEKS.

Also, they told me you can NOT put "return to sender" you have to call and get an "return authorization code" from them or they will NOT credit your account. I would not recommend this company or product to anyone.


The offer very clearly states that if you purchase the $29.99 offer, you automatically are on autoship, and will be charged every 3 months, for 3 months of product at 29.99 per month which equals just under $100 every 3 months. THAT IS WHY I HAVE NOT TRIED NOR ORDERED THE PRODUCT. You have to read what you are signing up for!!


No company should put someone on autoship --- what a crock!!!! WEN is a SCAM company from everything I'm reading.


:) Well the same happened to me , i ordered just the trial and later on they put me on a three month shipment kit....i needed it earlier cause my gf uses more than needed and that's how i found out about the automatic shipment...so i called them told them i had pay for something i never received...they sent it i got it and called them again and said i never got it...so they resent another kit...when i got it i called to cancel the shipment. They tried to F@$ me over and was the other way around.


I have ordered from them several times and I have, thank GOD, never had an issue YET... 8)


Same thing happened to me!!! I was livid!!!