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Around 2011 I started using WEN hair cleanser because their advertising made me believe it was gentle on hair and did not contain soap and damaging chemicals. I liked it so much I bought it by the gallon and since I have short hair, it lasted a long time.

Unfortunately too long. My hair started falling out and now what hair is left is baby fine and too sparse to cover my bald spots. Even though my hair is short I have to comb it forward to try and hide some of the bald spots. The worst part ---- I also started having problems with my scalp itching and then developed numerous scalp sores that I still have today.

Unfortunately they spread to my neck, then the back of my arms and now for almost a year they are on my face. They started as small red type blisters on my face and kept spreading. Neither my Neutrogena skin care nor my 3 kinds of prescription ointments can get rid of them. I now have reddish-brown scars under my skin on my face.

A Dermatologist could only tell me to continue my prescriptions and it will run its course. Soooo embarrassing and frustrating. I have never had any kind of rash on my body.

I had always looked younger than my age - not now. This skin condition continues to cause me discomfort, emotional distress, and depression.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Sweet Almond Mint Conditioner.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: cannot say at this time.

Wen Cons: Its damages to my physical health and mental wellbeing.

  • hair loss
  • scalp sores and blistering
  • Scalp Itch
  • Body Sores And Blisters
  • Face Sores And Blisters
  • Face Scars
  • Damaging Hair Product
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There is a Class Action against WEN for scalp sores and hair loss - thanks for your comment.


This is grounds for a lawsuit. You should sue Wen.