Not only did the product make my hair greasy, but it when I first ordered it they lost the shipment so it took over a month to get delievered. I hated it, got charged for the next two months which I then had to pay $12 to ship back a $38 package.

So I did that, called and cancelled my account over a month ago and got a confirmation email saying that my account has been deactivated and today, one month later I have yet another $30 charge on my account. Their customer service representatives are all so dumb I think a monkey could do their job better. Not only are they dumb but they are rude, forgive me for cancelling my account and being furious that I am STILL receiving charges. They have no problem taking the money out of my account but it will take 3-5 business days to be put back in.

Oh and their return policy takes 6 weeks to go through. Some system they have.

I wouldn't recommend this product or their customer service to my worst enemy. Awful all around.

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Don't EVER order off of TV. This is what happens almost every time you order off an infomercial.

Wait a while... it'll show up in stores.


My mom ordered something else through Guthy Renker and had the same problem about sending it back and getting them to stop taking payments out of her account. Good luck to anyone who orders anything....Yvonne

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