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I ordered the product and have never recd it.I emailed them twice and neither email was answered.

I emailed them again this morning and told them not to send the product, cancel my order and do not make any charges to my credit card. I know they probably won't anser. I have tried to find a phone number for them - even did a reverse lookup for the only address I could find for them. Has any one beeen able to find a number for them?

Since my card is thru my bank I'll call them on tomorrow and tell them to refuse the charges.Maybe that will help.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $35.


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Renton, Washington, United States #1355435

I have literally emailed this company more than 10 times in the last 3 months kindly asking how to return my products and have heard nothing back...and then I get a bill in the mail lol.

Beyond pissed.This company is worthless.



I have been receiving Wen for many years now.I've never had a problem & LOVE their products.

Here is the customer service #.

I hope this helps.1-800-964-1892.

Peoria, Arizona, United States #973651

On April 9, 2015 I ordered the shampoo per the advertising special.

I checked my credit card today and I found that they charged another $116,41 on top of the $29.95.

I called my Bank and I made a complaint so they return the money to my account.

After that I called Wen customer service and they told me that they didn't charged the extra $116.41 which it is false.Then he try to hang up but no before I told him that they can stick the shampoo in their ***.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #934966

Too much too write.Everyone here is spot on.

I'm so fu(& pissed off.Chez what ever his name is, us full of ***!!!

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States #854127

wen hair and company is a rip off, scam, cant think of bad enough words to use!!! DONOT order From this place!!!!!!!

if you need an explanation email me

Park City, Utah, United States #848052

Same experience.I ordered the $29 package but the web site automatically changed the order to the $39 package.

I called and the representative said that the order could not be corrected for a couple of days...

The order arrived. I have used it once. I'm not sure how I like it. I would ask Wen a question about what to do on day 2.

Hair is not dirty, just not so great.I don't know which of the umpteen products might be helpful...

Guess I'll have to figure it out.

Advice: beware


I also had bad shipping experience thafter 3 wks late they shipped rush del.and billed my acct 416.

THEN CANCELED MY ACCT! So far still waiting for refund in my acct for all the *** I didn't get ..Product is great but by the time u add shipping W A Y overpriced! then it never comes when it's suppose to so......

JUST SAY NO!Use your evry day conditioner as shampoo it's comperable to wen just try it....


BIG SCAM!!Like others I just wanted to try it.

I made sure I ordered the 'trial offer'. No where did it mention I would be placed on 'Auto shipping'. Each time I email to cancel, they respond with: An order was just shipped out. Yeah right...I returned product and still have not been credited.

Now, another product is on the way!!!!FYI: it's $14.00 to send their product back!


Be very careful doing reverse look-up just caught a scam for intellius for .95 charge they actually sign you up for a 19.95 service billed monthly without you actually knowing.Proactive is Guthy Renker product also its been a real hassle.

They keep sending me Wen Hair advertisements and calling me.

Looked up the number thats how I ended up here.I will definitely steer clear of this product also.


what is your right address to send to you for a order????? I'M LOOKING FOR MY PRODUCT :(

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