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I bought this product few weeks ago, I used it as directed and it certainly didn't change the frizziness of my hair, neither did it make it shinier. It didn't give me the clean feel after using it, it just felt greasy (may I add I used it exactly according to the recommended instruction). I also noticed that the very next day after using it I would have what looks like dandruff; so all in all not very good

To top it all up, and as I was about to send their product back to them for a refund, I receive and email to say that my next shipment of WEN product is about to be dispatched and my credit card will be charged the amount of £59.97, I immediately called them and complained about that, how can they charge your card without your consent, that is just wrong, besides, if I want their products I will order it myself. so they said to me that it was written in their website (probably in the fine print), so buyers beware! To sum up, my experience is terrible!

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Wow I was going to buy this. Glad I didnt after reading all of these complaints...

I dont think it would be worth my while or my time!!

Thank you to all you LOYAL consumers ut there.... :zzz

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