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Please be careful when ordering as they will automatically sign you up for refills. The web ordering form is fairly tricky in that you unselect a check box which somehow fills itself in again indicating that you want autorefills. The last I checked, they simply don't give you a choice when you order so be prepared to be on the phone trying to get them to stop. It may be revised now, but regardless, be aware that they will send you more whether you want refills or not. You will then have to pay to send it back.

Alternatively, order through Amazon where you won't get sucked into their ordering system.

The product is based on washing your hair with conditioner without shampoo. It's an interesting approach but not novel. You can do the same thing with Suave conditioner for a fraction of the cost.

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Same here they said they canceled but still charge my credit card. Time for class action lawsuit.


I called the Wen customer service line on August 15, 2012, two days after my 2nd auto shipment was mailed and advised the customer service representative, I no longer wanted to receive the Wen hair products and to cancel any future shipments. She instructed me to write "Refused" on the unopened box and send it back through the post office.

I did this on August 24, 2012. Today, is September 17,and I checked my online banking, still no refund, but there's another pending withdrawal for a 3rd shipment!!!!...mind you I requested a cancellation on August 15th.

The representative I spoke to today was very nice and apologetic, but I think order Wen was more of a hassle and I would suggest ordering via, as someone else mentioned in another post. Or better, skip it and use another didn't work for me at all.


Just wanted to say that I was a previous WEN consumer and sadly had to cancel my order due to financial reasons. I had no problem cancelling and the rep was very kind and understanding.

I am very sorry to the people that didn't get my rep! :)


I also was screwed by this plan. They got me for a supply that I never ordered!!!!

I have NOT opened the box but they said I am stuck with it!

I knew better but tried it anyway!!! Shame on me THIS time Wen :(

You will NOT be in business long is you keep this up Chaz!


I have used WEN for years, ordering via QVC, and being SO impressed with Chaz as he presents himself to be so honest and open.

The products are excellent and amazing..Will save damaged hair,, use correctly if you want the great outcomes.

However.. I made the mistake of ordering what I thought was a one time shipment through the WEN official site. It turned into my being sent several bottles for months in advance, in one shipment,, so either keep it, or pay to send back.. Customer service is evasive and

so I asked to be taken off all of their

programs and my account closed. I was sent an invoice for over a hundred dollars for the

in advance shipments I had no chance to discontinue, in case I did not like the trial first shipment. What a mess.

HOW can Chaz allow such.. I cannot give up the WEN cleansing conditioners, but feel

so deceived by the workings of the WEN official site.. Shame on you Chaz..


I like the product but i dont like how they tell u just send it back and get your money back and you never see your money again . I switched to cucumber aloe from the almond and it made a difference but im still waiting for my money back from the almond i returned two months ago.

They told me they never recieved it and i have to mail them a receipt from me shipping to them.

This is costing me more and more and as well as my time. Im pretty close to just cancelling the whole thing even though i like the product, what a place.


Wen is a crock. It dried my hair out something fierce. The customer service people were inept.

The company sent out the product via unsecured means; thus resulting in my not receiving a shipment...but being billed for it for months and months and months (with no replacement AND no freaking affidavit paper---which they said was REQUIRED should I expect to not be held responsible for the missed shipment--for months and months and months.

It took THREE MONTHS to get said affidavit---which I received in TRIPLICATE and they were all back dated....

I've cancelled and am glad to be rid of Wen. DON'T TRY IT. It's not worth it.

Horrible customer service. Horrible shipping policies. Horrible billing records. Just HORRIBLE!


extremely disappointed about the auto-refill. I never signed up for that and when I saw the charge on my VISA bill I was really pissed.

That't sneaky and unethical in my book.

It's way too expensive for the average consumer. You are going to get alot more of this negative comments if you keep up these *** tactics.


Wen is conditioner in a bottle. Simple as that.

You can either spend 30 a month and use Wen or spend 5 a month on a normal bottle of conditioner.

I also got unwanted refills. I had to pay for the shipping for them to send the refills and I had to pay for the shipping to send the refills back and I STILL have not received a refund.


my mother bought this for me as xmas gift and they also billed her for a refill. The bill stated they were going to bill her two more times and she actually decided to do it because the refills were huge and you get two at a time and another leave in treatment.

I love the product myself, it leaves my hair feeling soft and it doesn't look weighed down.

I guess it just depends on your hair type-I have dry frizzy hair. It is pricey, but worth it.


LOVE, Love, Love. PEOPLE, People, People.

I've been using this product for one year. I am 61 years old with below the shoulder length hair and it LOOKS, FEELS and SMELLS soo lovely. I encourage you not to sabotage your hair due to the online difficulties. Work it out.

For me, since this was a new method of hair care rereading the instructions each time during the first few washings served to train me to understand how to use the cleanser and other products (just a suggestion). Repetition is part of learning so read, reread. In addition, there are innumerable products now that have auto reorder and they all have the same problem when trying to cancel i.e. books, coffee etc.

I have been successful in ordering the 29.95 promo several times and canceling the auto order np, have received my product five times now, within 1-2 weeks and love it. I wash my hair "every other week", OMG, and am enjoying the compliments (there is OF COURSE an adjustment period when you stop washing daily). It's worth it to work it out. Take care.

Another happy Wen girl. P.S.

I feel like a girl again. Thank you Chaz.


I am soon going to buy this product my hair stylist said it was amazing. It's your peoples fault for not looking at te fine print.

Think of it this way if you had your own business wouldn't you want to try to make more money? Whenever someone is put into this position they realize that they would want money too.

Every company does it. I'd ur even interested I'n buying tv items you should know what they do.


Thank all for your honest reviews..will definitely NOT be buying the wen ever!!!

Sorry to hear of your troubles when dealing with the ignorant customer service reps

wishing you all better buys in the future

take care and shop wisely


Wen hair care is an awesome product, they have to sell the product through these auto-ship programs to keep people honest and there are always fine print to everything you buy and has been that way for a long time. I am amazed at the fact people still do not know how to take the time to read what your getting in to, buying a product expecting to almost get something for free, then realizing they can't read. If you do not take the time to read small print for products, credit cards, mortgages or any other consumer related product you should get charged for ignorance.


I was never so mad in my life. I never order automatic refill.

I hope this company goes out of business. They are holding costumers hostage with their unethical practice.


If anyone has extra wenn product that they do not want and have already been billed...I would love to try this since I have thich dry scalp and coumadin induced psorisis which leaves me oilless on the scalp.

Hit me up at heyitay at gmail dot com.

I am more than willing to pay the shipping cost to me.


Good to know. I still would want to try the product, but I will do it through Amazon and not the actual site.

And it does state in the commerical what will happen with your card and online. It's just like reading a contract in small print - have to watch and listen to every little detail. It's just like at retail stores when the sign says "starting at" in small print and then the cheapest price for just one or two of the shirts...however, people don't read the smaller print and apparently don't read the tags on the clothing either. It says the price on the tag...and there's no sign saying it's on sale.

It's a retail and contract thing I guess. Business strategy in their heads, which is actually true. So just be careful whenever ordering anything off of the phone or online.

I normally go through Amazon or Ebay on most things anyways because of this problem and it's usually cheaper. Plus I pay 72 a year to Amazon to get 2nd day shipping...completely worth it during the Christmas season lol


I like the product. I just think it is toooooo expensive.

I also think you can purchase similar products in my hometown beauty supply store for much less.

I have very long hair and it does keep the frizz at bay but, I can't afford the price. I am going to Chaz's weblite and see if I can order it directly from his salon for less.


Who do this people think they are??? I ordered this product just once and they keep sending it every month and of course with the bill!!!

WHo in the worl asked for it??? GRRR The last package I returned it and the lady at the post office wrote all over the box REJECTED. I thought everything was ok, until yesterday that i received the bill for $97.84!!! I obviously called immediately to let them know that I was not going to pay for something that 1.

I did not order and 2. I returned over a month ago, and that rude woman told me that they did not received anything from me and that I had to pay!!!! I am so angry!

Dont Buy this *** product it is not even that good! It is not worth it!


What a *(%#)^* billing scam!!!! I had to actually have my bank re-issue me a new bank card just to stop them from taking money out of my account each month!!!

Horrible Customer Service and *** reps.

I did this as a gift and never intended to be locked in........ GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR