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I ordered my new Wen products as advertised on was for my daughter who has naturally curly hair, I have tried many product so I thought I would give Wen a try..For What???I just received the email of my order conformation..They charged my card 04.95!!!

When I called they said I ordered a 90 day supply..why in the world would I do that not ever having tried the product..I kept telling the lady I just wanted the 30 day supply..she kept arguing with me so to all avail I cancelled the whole dang thing..I will order from QVC from now on..I want it but not at triple the charge!!!Chaz needs to spend some money on customer service and English speaking representatives!!

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Interesting posts.Now it is all making sense to me.

I bought a Wen starter pack at the mall freestanding cart. When I wanted to order more cleansing-conditioning product online, I was told I would have to buy another starter kit in order to become "an existing customer". When I told them I had already purchased a starter kit at the Wen cart at the mall and should therefor be "an existing customer" , they argued that I was not be because I did not order the starter kit online and did not have an existing account. Long story short- they finally agreed to sell the cleansing-conditioning product only, but not at the "special member" price.

They would allow me to buy a 16oz bottle for $38.00 (or 2 for $76-lol!!!). Sorry, but no shampoo is worth that.

I'm sure they wanted to get me to order online so they could start charging me for unwanted products-as described here.Stay away from Wen-it's not worth it!!!


THANK YOU!!!!I too was going to buy this but not after these posts.

Plus I don't want greasier hair and a bill for 102 bucks.Thanks for the honest posts.


Thanks to all the posts. Anytime I want to order something on line and try, I always check if it is one of these kinds of over charging scams...

Thanks ... You saved me the hassle...

MUCH Appreciate


Total fraud.Same thing, somewhere in the fine print is that you need to cancel after 30 days according to customer service.

I could not find this and the company blamed me for not cancelling order.

I have now made 2 attempts each time it's the same, "your fault, we're sorry will refund", then another charge comes out.DO NOT BUY>>>


I ordered the Sample Pack from the Wen site, with the free shipping - just wanted to give it a try.Out of the blue, I receive a box full of product and a bill for $102.

Customer service was nice enough and agreed to send a return label - BUT...

I'm out $10 for shipping and!


they just keep on billing you..i told the rep on the phone that i wanted my money back including shipping and i wanted a return label pre paid..

after i threatened to fight the charges on my credit card and call the my states attorney general, i was promised to get what i asked for... lets see if it happens....

oh yeah..this *** dont work either.


I purchased Wen a few months ago.It never did anything it advertised.

Just made my hair a bit greasier at the scalp. I don't need greasier hair at my scalp! I did follow the directions, if you are wondering. I sent the next box back only to receive another box!

I finally called customer service and was told that I have to cancel my order by calling or they will keep sending me a box and billing my credit card! Now I have to get the ***** box sent back to them at my expense! Why can't someone just be reasonable about all of this!

If I knew I would have all of this nonsense for a *** hair product I would never have bought it in the first place, especially since it didn't work for me.I say don' buy Wen!!


I bought my Wen hair care system at the Made for TV store in the mall. It is amazing!!




I sent off for the offer on tv of $29.95, free shipping.Sure it was free shipping but they charged my account $102 for three months supply.

I called, said I only wanted to try it first.

Oh no, such a fuss with the girl who, I admit was trying her best to be nice, would not agree with me at all.It had to be charged first and I could cancel if I did not like it.

They need to have a good look at their marketing, I still want to try it but not that way.

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