Wen hair care is a scam! The product is not good and weighs your hair down.

The WORST part is that they place you on auto-fill and send you more supplies each month. It takes call after call to get them to cancel your account and Wen boxes just keep showing up in the mail. The customer service reps are so scripted that they cannot take any customer service action on their own. They just keep repeating the same script over and over.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Buy a lovely product from your trusted hair care professional at your salon instead!

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If you check, the list of ingredients if you order via the wenhaircareproducts.com website is different from the list for if you buy the product through chazdean or qvc.

The wenhaircareproducts version has alcohol listed as one of the more significant ingredients- and does not even list AloeVera as an ingredient. Inferior product!


I ordered Wen and I did like the product however I do not like that they auto set me up on refill shippments and billed my card. I am currently trying to cancel it now.


Your complaint with the shipping is with Guthy Renker. At least *** about the correct company.

I porder my WEN through QVC.

I know what to get, how to use it and have been a happy WEN user for two years. And a happy QVC client for even longer!

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