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I didn't realize that Wen was the cause of my hair loss until about a yr after beginning use of it. I HAD extremely thick, course hair and only washed it every 3 days usually bcuz it didn't even begin to look oily, flat or unwashed until I'd gone more than 3 days without washing it.

I still showered daily of course :). So I guess that's why it took longer for my hair to start falling out enough to alarm me. I have had many health problems and believed that to be the reason I was losing hair. Once I started seeing bald spots I saw a dermatologist immediately!!!

He did numerous blood tests and found NOTHING wrong with me that would cause hair loss. I only realized that Wen was the cause bcuz my husband was fed up with the company for continually charging us and shipping orders after we had cancelled 3 times! I had already stopped using Wen simply bcuz it made my hair feel weighed down and stringy, and I hated the smell too. My husband went online after cancelling for the 4th time to see if he could find a cancellation option on their site, and found THIS site with many posts about the product causing hair loss.

I am BEYOND pissed at Wen and Chaz Dean, as well as any celebrity who endorses this horrible product!!! Examples: Alyssa Milano & Jenny Garth. They still have hair, so they must be lying about using Wen! My hair not only fell out enough to reduce my hair's thickness by more than 50%, but it also became so weak that i had to cut my hair to chin-length when it was down to the middle of my back!

I cried about losing my long, thick & beautiful's a dramatic and horrible experience for a woman to lose her hair!!! Any of you who have lost yours know exactly how I feel, and everyone else: Please DO NOT use Wen EVER or STOP USING IMMEDIATELY if you already use it!!! Don't take the chance bcuz it's SO not worth it!!! I bought extensions as soon as my hair had to be cut, and have been wearing them for over a year.

They have given me my confidance back (bcuz I look bad with my hair that short), but they're VERY expensive and only last about 6-8 months if you use them every day as I do. I've invested a lot of money into extensions that I never would have had the need for if Wen hadn't completely ruined my hair!

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It ruined my hair as well. .

I have long hair to. .

It's 1/4 of the thickness and it's breaking and falling out..... it's awful.


This product sucks, I have long Dark red-brown hair I run my fingers through my hair and I end up w/ a hand full there is no reason why my hair should be falling out. I have no contributing health problems.

My hair has ALWAYS been healthy and so has my scalp, but now even my scalp is having problems sores and bumps, I stopped using WEN and went back to my old shampoo.

All the problems have started to stop SLOWLY. :cry


Thanks Catherine! I'm very sorry you have also experienced hair loss!

There may be some lucky ppl who have had no problems with the product, but this site has gotten many postings from very unlucky and unhappy ppl bcuz Wen has caused hair loss.

I started this post hoping to help ppl. I hope that ppl do know the risks before buying the product, and can decide whether it's worth the risk or not.


I agree with you Kales. I too had problems with WEN and it causing hair loss.

I had blood tests, etc and everything came back fine.

The only thing I was doing differently was using WEN. Seems strange that people are commenting on this site "pissed consumers" but they love the product???


To Laura and all of you other ladies commenting on my post: If you love the product so much, why the *** are you on pissed consumer's website? Laura: As I CLEARLY stated to all of those who KNOW HOW TO READ, I have health problems and medications that I take which I thought contributed to my hair loss.

If I had any reason to think it was Wen I WOULD'VE stopped using it you ***! Don't comment on people's posts if you're going to be a ***!!! I also CLEARLY read the auto shipment agreement; knew I was on it, and had no problem with it; however, got pissed off when I was assured the first 3 times I cancelled it that I would only be charged and shipped one last order (which I know is one shipment but 3 monthly payments). Each time I called to cancel I was told that no one had ever called in to cancel before!

So OBVIOUSLY their customer service is NOT superior, but actually sucks... just like you do Laura! I'm sure you work for Wen and are trying to control negative postings bcuz it's your job, but you're just further *** me off!

Stay off of my post if you wanna talk about your love for Wen... as a matter of fact, stay off of sites dedicated to giving a voice to unhappy consumers unless you are one!!!!!


I have been using WEN for over a year and i have had no problems with the product at all. I like most lose hair when i wash my hair but not anymore than i did with any other hair product.

When i ordered the product i was totally aware i would be placed on auto ship because the site clearly states that. It also gives customers a period to allow for cancellation if unsatisfied or just because. Its your responsibility to remember this and the site does not state it will remind you. I get WEN shipped every 12weeks and i change it up all the time....sometimes i want a different scent or more/less of a certain item in the next shipment and i have always gotten what i asked for along with emails from WEN reps confirming my request.

The emails are not computer generated but from actual people that include direct extensions for further personal. I just received an email for WEN mineral foundation and i will order and noted that it also clearly states that 14 days of placing the order for the trial i will be placed on a 120 day auto ship and billed 29.99 monthly if i dont cancel prior to the 14 days before auto ship begins. So ladies im sorry some of you have had problems with WEN products and their superior customer service but you cant put all the blame on them because they are very clear with their policies. So others out there that have thought of trying this product but have been swayed due to many negative post...dont knock it till you try it!

Oh and before hitting the confirmation and understand what your agreeing to so that your not "surprised" when your bank/cc reflects a charge from WEN! AND ONE MORE THING!

if you do notice significant hair loss as many have stated and believe it is attributed to the use of WEN...dont wait a year before you contact customer service! ----love the product, laura!


I have long thick, coarse, curly hair and first couple of times I used Wen I noticed a significant amount of hair loss. I've always combed my hair when I shower and never had any problems before. I stopped using the comb that came with the kit and my hair stopped falling out.


I love this product. My over processed, bleached blonde hair is silky smooth because of this product.

I haven't noticed any hair loss. I buy it on eBay so that I don't have to get into the 3-month deal.


I happen to love the product but i really dont like the billing and shipping process. Its just a way to get money.

I believe that companies like wen are in a ageement with the banks.

That if wen keeps charging people without them know then thats more people overdrafting possibly right? Its so sad that good products are controlled by sneaky liers who are theifs as well.