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I was contacted by a Wen sales rep to come back to WEN products. Although I find the product very good I told the girl I could not afford at this time. She assured me that all I had to do was take the first shipment at 19.95 and then when I was ready to call for my next order. Well to my surprise a 90 day supply arrived today. I contacted WEN to cancel the order and not to charge me any further. They wanted me to spend my money to send the product I did not order back. They offered me a 20% discount and told me if I keep the product I will need to pay the remaining balance. I have no problem paying I am just pissed that I was miss led and that my credit card from my original purchase was still on file and that they just automatically charged my account. The product is great but not worth $100.00.

Beware of WEN they lie to sell their product.

Theresa Middletown RI

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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The fact that WEN no longer gives free samples speaks volumes! Be aware, be very aware.


I ordered the 29.95 trial size and received the full size bottles. I immediately contacted Wen to send the product back. They begged me to keep it and offered to let me have the full size bottles for a total of $29.95. The following month, I see a new $29.95. I just now phoned them and, to add insult to injury, they tell me I still owe them another $29.95! The woman on the phone says "Well you ordered the full size bottles." Uhhhh no, I did not and explained the whole siutation again which amazingly they had no record of. She claims she is going to credit my charge card.

The product would have to be better than it currently is for me to put up with these games.


P.S. I know of other people who they "accidentally" sent the full size bottles to. They must be desparate for sales.


Sabine, I contacted by credit card and told them not allow charges anymore. Try contacting AMEX they are very consumer driven.

File a complaint with AMEX and request refunds to your card for the charges WEN made. WEN has to prove you received and used the products. Plus you have no signed contract.

These are all things I found out after I spoke with the customer service person for WEN.

Good Luck


Ordered Wen? by Chaz Dean more than 9 months ago.

Wasn't happy with the results so I returned the unused portion and contacted customer service to have my account cancelled...now, more than 9 months later, I am still receiving shipments and my AMEX card continues to be charged by Guthy Renker. I unsuccessfully tried numerous times to call the company and get my account cancelled - no luck. I have shipped back every single shipment, told them to cancel, and they keep shipping. Today I received another box.

I finally spoke with a rep who advised me that I should pay to ship and insure the package back to them and that upon receipt they would refund the price of the product, less shipping and handling....I have to pay shipping and handling for something that I didn't authorize? This isn't the first time we've had problems with Guthy Renker and my post office told me they ship back to GR all the time - they've heard my story from many customers.

I don't understand how GR gets away with these types of business practices. Stay Away from Guthy Renker and any products that they market.


:cry :cry