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I Purchased free trial offer. Then I got another shipment and was charged a total of $97.84.

Cancelled it and tried to get return label sent. Never received return label. Have called twice more and keep getting told that the label is on the way. Called Visa and tried to get charges reversed.

Do Not Order! The shampoo is alright, but no shampoo is worth $30 a bottle! I can't believe they are still in business when they keep ripping off people like this.

What a bunch of ***-a-doody! Shame on you Chaz Dean and Guthy Renker!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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Wen by Chaz Dean, I received my shipment at our new address I just received the return shipping label about a week ago [May 9th].I sent it back. [Friday May 15th] Can't wait to see my money back in my account and s&h too since the package was not open that's the LAW!


I recieved the 1st shipment and charged 29.95, I don't need anymore! They sent another shipment and said I owed 101.00.

I called to cancel and they said ship it back. They have no return information other than a P.O. Box. I called them and now have 3600 army post rd.

I work at a law firm and plan on photo copying all info I send in the box to them.

When trying to get through to them it is impossilbe. Crossing my fingers on the return.


I have to agree with everyone here - WEN is not a company you want to do business with. I ignored the advice here because I wanted to believe that this was the hair miracle I'd been searching for.

They are not clear about how much you will be charged for subsequent shipments, nor are their return practices reasonable. 4-6 weeks to refund my credit card AFTER they received my return? Wow! Finally, this was not a miracle cure for my hair.

After great results the first 2 days, my hair became very limp and dull. The consultant I spoke to for refunds tried to tell me a different scent would give me better results. How dumb did he think I was? (apparenlty very, as I was dumb enough to believe the commercial.

:roll ) If you are looking for a shampoo-less product, go to your local beauty store and ask. There are other options for a lot less.


as for I have been ordering Wen for years and never had a problem they even sent me rebate checks when I paid the bill sent! BUT recently ordered it and ONE Never Received IT BUT got a bill.It was supposed to be $19.99 then auto ship for a 3month supply at $30.00 a month supply.

But they took the money from Visa and still sent me a bill for $60.00 for the same shipment. they tried to fast talk me. Remember I never received any shipment I have called them numerous times finally the last call the person stated they would send a Affidavit. SHE ALSO stated that she could not even find my shipping tracking #.But when the Affidavit came they made it like I did get it and there was a tracking# but why couldn't she find it.

I am furious with there games especially a customer well over 7YEARS to be treated this way! Last thing when they went over what was supposedly shipped that would have been wrong ALSO! And my name was sent to a Bad Credit Co. now try getting that off your Credit Report.


Thanks for treating a loyal customer like dirt. :upset


They did the same to me.

Do Not deal with this company!!!!!


Thanks, I was just about to buy Wen but this sounds like a nightmare.




:eek thank you for all of the reviews. I will NOT be ordering this product.

There has got to be some legal action someone or all can take against these people.

Maybe we should post on BBB, the better business bureau..... they have to be stopped.


I am going through the same thing! I stopped using it after reading all the reports of hair loss.

I have been trying to cancel my subscription since August. They have billed me 2x since then for $97+ EACH time. I was told last week it would take 48 hours to credit my account back, I called this week and they said it would take 4-6 WEEKS.

Also, they told me you can NOT put "return to sender" you have to call and get an "return authorization code" from them or they will NOT credit your account. I would not recommend this company or product to anyone.


oh my god same here. i got the 30 day trial one & it was 39.95 & then a month or 2 later i got shipped another box costing 115.89 & that made mt credit card go into negative ! ugh wtf is that !


DONOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY Had to cancle debit card to protect myself.Kept charging money to my card. Is their company so desperint they need to rir so many people off?


same old story,sent more products after account was cancled,no return of money.Excuses, How can they still stay in business with such practies.Sorrt I ever heard of Wen and tell everyone I talk too about how they do


We are in the same boat as being ripped off on not getting a refund from the auto charging of my credit card. I was granted an RMA to return an unopend box and they claim they never received it in the whse.

I provided them a UPS tracking number and proof that it was recieved and got this:

"Thank you for your email. Since your product is well beyond our 60-day return policy, fax us a copy of the receipt you received when you returned your package to (515) 284-6745.

You may also mail us a copy to: Wen® by Chaz Dean, 3600 Army Post Rd MS 111, Des Moines, Iowa 50321 or e-mail an electronic copy to Guthy-RenkerRecoveryDept@hp.com. Once we receive your proof of receipt, we will issue a credit, less shipping and handling."