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Good lord, more cases of old ladies with nothing to do but complain. Your hair isn't falling out because of Wen!

Check the list of ingredients and please tell me which one is causing your hair loss. It's probably your hormones or psychosomatic because you're dreaming of suing someone. Plenty of people use and have used Wen for years...yup, YEARS with no problems.

My hair has never been healthier and same for my kids, who have unruly curls and fine hair respectively. You people need to get a serious grip

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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PS. All symptoms of alopecia. Go see a reputable dermatologist.


I said nothing about your financial status. Read carefully.

What ingredients (specifically) are causing hair loss?

Any educated person would be asking the exact same question. Silliness abounds.


how dare you say this, if you were bald or your kid , you would be complaining too. this isn't about money this is about my 13 year old going to 7th grade bald and had a full head of hair and the doctor says it's from wen also.

this is about boils, scalp rashes, baldness , infections, she has lost 75 % of her hair and we have money. it isn't about money.


People have been complaining about since 2009 about their hair falling out because of the ingredients in their products.