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Update by user Feb 27, 2015

Wen has told me to expect to hear from their insurance company. Will post an update.

The reason I really think this product is the cause of her hair loss is from our experience the last time I used the product. I first washed her hair with her regular shampoo. To my relief, nothing usual came out, it was a pretty normal hair wash. Then, she played in the tub, put her head in the water and in the end, was a tangled mess (her hair texture had changed after this started - she tangled much more easily) I grabbed the Wen and used a liberal amount thinking if I did, it would be easy to comb out and her hair wouldn't fall out.

At this point she had lost about half her hair, but as soon as I put the Wen in, nearly the rest of her hair simply slid off her head right then and there in the tub!

It was extremely traumatic! The results are what you see in the photo.

Update by user Feb 17, 2015

I never suspected hair loss could be caused by a shampoo/conditioner, especially a high end product purported to be so gentle and natural. My daughter is 10, and the product was given to us by my mother.

The doctors did bloodwork, and asked if she had gone through anything stressful recently. (only thing I could think of was playing Annie in theater camp. Later I suspected a vaccine) It was assumed to be alopecia. Now that I see 100s or 1000s of people have had hair loss with Wen, I think back and it all makes perfect sense.

I tried the product once as a shampoo. When her hair started falling out 3 days later, I started using it as a detangler, because I had no idea it was the cause. I thought since is was so "gentle" it was a good choice for detangling and would reduce combing friction which I thought made more hair fall out. Turned out the more conditioner I used, the more fell out.

My husband asked if it could be the (Wen) conditioner, and I thought that was silly at the time. I had no idea I was accelerating her hair loss everytime I used this product. It is so devastating.

I used this product for a mere 2 weeks. I am bringing the bottle and my daughter to immunology next week.

Original review posted by user Feb 15, 2015

I used this on my daughter, and she lost significant amount of hair after the first time, after that, when I used it as a detangler, her hair slipped right off her head. (When I used her regular shampoo, this did not happen, only when I used the Wen) In two weeks she lost 95% of her hair.

5 months later, it's just starting to come back. My daughter takes baths and also lost eyebrows and lashes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I used Wen. Also had a very bad experience.

1) after several uses. (Like 2 weeks) started noticing itching ) then noticed small (pimple like ) nodules on my scalp 3 )lastly saw a lot more ( of my already short hair) in the drain and on my hairbrush. While Wen does make your hair and look great (at first) it quickly irritates your scalp and hair starts to fall out quickly.

I will never use a single Chaz product again. Period.


I've been using Wen for several months after a lady I work with recommneded and haven't experienced any hair loss. In fact, quite the opposite.

I have very thick hair and have always had a horrible shedding problem. Since using Wen products I find something couple loose hairs while drying off. Nothing compared to what it used to be.

Before Wen I had to use a a bath strainer to catch the massive amounts of hair that came out while washing and conditioning.

It was seriously ridiculous.

It does state on the bottle not to use daily. There's no need to because ithe doesn't build up on your parabens.

My hair looks and feels healthier.

And one bottle lasts me a full month, easily.

I suppose everyone has a different reaction.


We need warning labels on WEN!!!!!


We sure do! Learn about the Personal Care Products Safety Act started by Senator's Feinstein and Collins, and write your senators to support it.

Currently the FDA can not recall dangerous products, companies can put whatever they want in their products, and not have warnings despite many tens of thousands of complaints to Wen. (I believe hundreds of thousands in reality)

Also write your House representative. Rep.

Pallone is working on legislation on that side.

People are continuing to be harmed by Wen. The people need to demand the release of ALL safety studies and formulations!!!


Hi, I am so sorry about your daughter, that's horrible!!!

I was about to pay for my big order of wen when I decided to research it (I was purchasing it for my daughter and I), I am very thankful I did!

I see it says still not resolved, that's not fair at all.

I am not going to be ordering that big order, or any order now.

The infomercial claims that "regular shampoos use chemicals that can strip your hair of their natural oils and can damage it" ...... big claim to make when WEN makes hair fall out completely.

So I think the conclusion is to put up with regular shampoo than to have no hair at all....


Wen strips hair too. 3rd and 4th ingredients (first being water) are alcohols.

I was talking to a doctor today, she said she used Aveda products and Neutrogena is good. Avoid Parabens. Baby shampoos should be safe.

Happy to save people from potential catastrophe. I talked to a mom who told me her girls were hospitalized after using Wen.

There are other severe reactions, not just hair loss. Hundreds of hair loss reviews right here.

Wen is evil. They only care about profits.


Baby shampoos are cancerous. They contain nasty chemicals.

It may be more gentle than the Wen but still not something that I personally like to put on my kid's scalp.


I see so far 8 have clicked that they had the same problem. The FDA needs to hear from all of us in this situation.


Hello, we have alerted the Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team of your situation and they are standing by to help. If you could please fill out this simple online form: someone from the team will be in touch with you directly to learn more and offer further assistance. Thank you.


Shame on Guthy-Renker for continuing to sell this product with no warning labels. I have filled out the form (no response from that).

I have called and talked to a supposed supervisor, who was not helpful, was indignant claiming you have millions of customers, and are regulated by the FDA. Said I would be contacted by insurance. In 7-10 bus. days.

How does one put a price on this suffering? So much worry, teasing, bullying, twice daily treatments, doctor visits (lab tests, needles!) acquiring hats and wigs (which are not comfortable) an estimated minimum of a 3 year recovery, but still uncertain that she will make a full recovery.

I also want Chaz Dean to make a donation to Children with Hair Loss ( who provided a beautiful wig that stays on.


The poor baby. I hope all gets better for your baby girl.


Thanks, it's going to take a while, but I'm hopeful with the formulas I am using which are on a clinical trial. helping a lot! Will post more about them when they are available for others suffering from hair loss.


Maybe your daughter has cancer


Cancer does not cause hair loss, cancer treatment does. Sheesh, God forbid!


What an *** thing to say.


It seems pretty silly, but I figured it was a kid or something. My poor baby asked if she had cancer when it first started as well. I reassured her right away, though we had no idea what was going on at the time.


Maybe u should learn a thing or two about something so awful before u suggest something so terrible. SO Rude...


I don't assume the person was trying to be rude. Probably just a kid who didn't know better.


What a terrible thing to say!


How devastating! I'm so sorry for your daughter.

Hair loss is a terrible thing at any age, but to lose your hair at 10 had to be a traumatic experience.

Especially with how cruel kids can be towards anyone who is different. I had thought about trying wen, but I am so thankful that I did my research first.