Morral, Ohio
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Bought Wen from QVC. Nothing wrong with hair before I used Wen.

Tried product because he said it was good for your hair. Yeah hair turned into a huge pile of dried out hay-got 2 sores on scalp-was losing alot of hair. Product went in garbage. Had to keep cutting hair short to get rid of damage.

Had to do deep treatments to treat dryness weekly. It took a year to get hair almost back to where it was before Wen. Still do alot of trimming and hair treatments. Hopefully-by end of year-I can get it back healthy.

Do Not Use This Product. Should Be Taken Off Market.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thanks for the warning. Had heard about it and checked out the review.

I almost tried it bcuz of the slick marketing by a beautiful woman who claims it is what she uses for her hair and the makers 'experience' with herbal remedies. I think he might know hair but nothing about herbs at all other than what he sees marketed in tiny quantities applied cautiously and thought more was better. I have to wonder what kind of quality control the people who make it have and where it was grown, in poisoned Chinese soil perhaps?

They have 8 MILLION square acres of land so poisoned by waste from the chemical industry it can never be used again for food. Wonder if they used it on hair products?