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I oredered Wen Products for my wife. I asked and was re asuured I was not joining a monthly automatic re order.

LIARS. The nxt month I had another big charge for hair care. Customer service were liars and thieves only way I stopped was to cancel credit card.

Which they were happt to do because i live in Misdsouri and fraud use of card were attempting in virginia but denied. Wen not only cheats you but steals your credit card numbers for other people.

QVC should be ashamed promoting this product and gang of theives Do not order this product or anything from Wen or *** web site

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DO NOT clump QVC in with GUNTY RENKER!!! The WEN product sold on the infomercial is offered by GUNTY RENKER, not CHAZ DEAN OR QVC!! Do you want to try the real thing, order from QVC or Chaz Dean's website!

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