West New York, New Jersey

Okay so very annoying, I called to order the 30 day trial to see if I liked the product, you can only lock in the price if you join the membership hence you get sent more product every month.

I then ordered the 90 day supply and I was told that they were going ot charge my credit card $43 and then next month $29 and another $29 payment after that. Also the product takes 3-4weeks to arrive so I then used express mail which would get the product here within 5-7 days.

I checked my bank account and see that they charged my card $103.73 being the total amount for the 90 day product! When I called customer service they were so useless, they couldnt even find me on the system but yet the system charged my card. I was told that my card only gets charged when the product is shipped yet I was charged 2 hours (Sunday) after my order was placed. The order couldnt be adjusted or cancelled as they couldnt find me on the system!! RIDICULOUS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Just got my trial shipment and, shame on me, did not realize it was from Guthy-Renker when I initially ordered. Which means being enrolled in regular shipments.

Read horror stories online about G-R customer service, but called anyway to say I want to send it back unused and cancel membership. Was only on hold 3-4 mins (8:30 on Weds p.m.), and the woman was very nice, told me about options to schedule custom kits to be shipped when I wanted them shipped. Told her I didn't want to be in auto ship. She offered to take my cc info out of their system & switch me to check payment.

That way they mail me a notice when it's time for a shipment, and if I don't send a check, they don't send a shipment. Guaranteed no repercussions for not ordering any more. They'll send a couple of notices, then give up if I don't respond.

Going to sleep on it a day or two, then might give it a shot. Just wanted to say that I was surprised at the very good customer service.


Completely overrated hair care products.

Followed the directions to a "T", and just as everyone else here who has complained, I received the same horrible results.

What a waste of money. Nothing beats my Redken.


you can order it as you need it from QVC also... they ship it quicker than Guthy Renker...

You can also buy HUGE bottles for those of you concerned about going GREEN. As far as the price... I've spent more on salon shampoos that are the same *** as Panteen.

The product itself is pretty good.

I like to wash my hair everyday, so this product has prevented my hair from getting too dry.

I do wash my hair once or twice a week with regular shampoo tho bc i have an oily scalp and the WEN cleanser doesn't really remove much build-up. You're hair does feel clean after you use it {WEN}, but I can rarely go 48 hours without another wash.


I was very unhappy with this system. Made my hair feel greasy and "built up" Cancelled my shipments as it was not worth the money for me personally


I really hate that these reviews are negative regarding prices and charges instead of about the product. Like emma said, you can order directly from Chaz Dean and his salon, the maker of the product.


order at chazdeanstudio.com not the *** other sites...they will rip u off