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First I have been a customer of Wen for 6 years had no problems whatsoever everything was smooth I received shipment every 3 months. Only thing was I never really use the product since its time consuming, and pricey.

You will get results if you are dedicated and willing spend some time to see it work. My main credit card changed due to numerous number of cards being hacked. In the summer of 2014 I updated my card and gave wen my new card number so I will still be able to receive the products since they have been so nice to me and I decided to stay with them to support them. All of a sudden "they" decided to change my shipment every 4 weeks without my approval whatsoever so I got upset with that being there customers for 6 years how hard is it to let me know that my shipment has changed.

I was use to getting shipment every 3 months and charged payments every month and learned the hard way when they charged me 3 payments on one day I didn't like how the system decided to change on me.

I called to cancel and this is what I get "obviously the products are working for you let me offer you a discount so you can continue to use our products" I just wanted to cancel but he was trying convince me stay. I would of stayed but after this I didn't want to have nothing to with them anymore .

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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