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As usual, I was drawn into the hoop-la of another miracle haircare product. I am a mature woman and have colored treated hair.

My hair is long and on the lack-luster dryer side. I thought I'd give WEN a try, but rather than go through the "sign-up" route, I decided to try a 2oz. trail size (which cost me about $18.00). I ordered the cleanser (almond mint).

Well, after barely two uses, it's all gone and my hair is no better than it was before. I applied the stuff and tried to massage it throughout my hair and found that I needed to apply a lot of it to even do this. My hair kept "drinking" it up because it was dry. I left it in for a good length of time to give it a chance to work, rinsed it out and even let my hair "air dry".

Don't get me wrong, it does clean your hair without using soap, but it's a very poor conditioning agent. After my hair dried, it was clean but still was very dry and stiff and styling it in this state was a "disaster".

If you are younger with hair that hasn't been subjected to the cruelties of life, then this stuff may please you. But, if there are ladies out there like me who really need a good healthy product that "actually understands" and solves our problems...then keep away from this product....or try for yourself and see...but you are definately going to need a lot of this stuff to even see some be ready to spend.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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I have been using Wen for over three years and the products have been great for my hair. I am also a mature women with long hair (down to my waist) and my hair has been chemically processed for many years.

In the beginning, I tried to use Wen conditioning cleanser as I normally would a shampoo and was not happy with the results. So...I followed directions and voila, my hair looked and felt great. I also have sensitive skin and have been on medications for a chronic illness that causes havoc on my skin. For me, Wen works, even when I was diagonosed with breast cancer in 2010.

I don't purchase items just because celebrities hawk them on television. I was looking for a good hair cleanser and conditioner since my hair texture changed with age and with all the chemical processing used in coloring my hair. I love Wen and I think spending a little extra on myself to look and feel great is priceless.

(well they do put a price on it! :) )


They also have many different formulas/fragrances which work with different hair types. They usually start you on the Sweet Almond Mint.

My wife and I have finer hair, and we got the Cucumber Aloe instead. What a huge difference. I would recommend this to anyone, but make sure you understand what you get into. Every order starts you on a auto plan, it saves tons of money, and you can customize your orders and how often you receive them.

Fairly warned on their website.

~ :cry


Hi there

I read before I ordered, fully aware that the instructions advise that you will need 32-40 pumps for medium to long hair. True it may be a lot more than you're used to, but it is right there on the website...maybe read through the site and all information provided before making purchases, to prevent yourself from being any angry customer.