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I never purchased anything from infomercials but one day watching WEN I thought, why not? $29.95 risk free right? I used it for 2 weeks straight and didn't notice any significant difference. My hair was softer but wasn't worth the price so I decided to cancel.

Before I got the chance to, another shipment came and I was charged $37.94 ($29.95 + 7.99 S&H). I called and cancelled. 9 days after the cancellation date, I was charged another $29.95 but no package.

I called up customer service and the agent explained to me that I'm paying installments for the continuing 90-day supply and that I would be charged another $29.95 (but no packages being sent because I cancelled!) to clear the bill's balance to 0.

For all the hassle, it's not worth it.

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They are a rip off company. Need to be turned in. Same thing happened to me but I got product sent it back now tyring to get money back.

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