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I ordered the intro package and used it regularly as directed and ran out quickly (I have long thick hair). Once I received my 90 day package I began using it immediately with hopes that over time and being consistent would lead to the advertised results.

Well it has been almost 3 months and I can say there have been no results- I am going to call this week and cacel so I don't receive any more shipments. Also I am looking into www.keratinearth.com to see how that product works.

I have very dry, overprocessed, and damaged long and thick hair and am looking to tame it. As for my neutral position you get what you pay for and tv offers are always a risk.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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I have used the shampoo/conditioner twice already. It did leave my hair silky and smooth.

I used a lot since I have very long, dry, highlighted, damaged hair and my ends are burnt from the blow dryer and sun. It helped a little on the ends. The only way to treat the burnt ends is to cut a little every two months until it grows out. But I did like the way it made my hair feel.

The rest of the products are not that good (styling creme, balm and deep conditioner was ok). You can not use this product every day or for every shampoo consistenly. It has Protein in it, which will leave your hair very silky and shiney, BUT after prolonged use Protein will cause breakage to your hair!!! It happend to me I was using Goldwell's Kerasilk Treatment (which works great and excellent for dry hair) for months straight and I noticed more breakage than ever.

I used to use it once a month after color touch-ups and I should have stuck to once a month. But the protein in the Wen will eventuall cause breakage if you use it every time you wash your hair. You should alternate with another shampoo and condition. Loreal Everstrong works good, especially the sulfate free shampoo.

But I have to admit I did have good results with the Wen and I will accept the 2nd shipment. But I will cancel after that and try to order the shampoo/conditioner only when I need it.

to mic***e Des Moines, Iowa, United States #731894

You noticed that damage b/c the naturally occuring sulfates that aare in WEN and are not harsh to the hair CANNOT be used in combiation w/Keratin treatments. Somethng about the chemical mixture will cause breakage.


i ordered the introductory offer, nothing was said about my getting automatically signed up for regular installments. have just cancelled, hopefully they will give me a credit as soon as possible.

also did not know it was gonna cost almost $100.00 every shipment. they have better cancelled my account.

to anonymous Des Moines, Iowa, United States #731898

If you ordered online or over the phone it very clearly indicates that the 1st package is an intro offer. The reps have a huge long, annoying script they read to you before processing the charge.

but most humans, like me, space completley out with all that info. not to mention the 1st package you get has 2 diferent documents that avise of the membership, price and next ship date. I mean it's called an intro, meaning inroducing you into a membership.

Just be a bit more aware of placing online orders b/c allot of comanies are like that. :roll

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