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After seeing the commercials and non-stop popups for Wen I thought "I'll give it a try…. Why not, it's a 30 day free trial… if I don't like, I can just return it right?" ""WRONG!?!"" I ordered the 30 day supply of shampoo (grease in a bottle).

I was so thrilled to try something new. I used Wen for 2 weeks. My hair was greasy at the roots and felt like hay at the ends… disgusting. My hair has never felt so dirty.

So I go to return it. OH don't let me forget the FREE (pffff) endless youth vitamins came with my order. So I go to the post office to return the shampoo. The lady behind the counter saw WEN on the box and told me she had tried it as well.

Then she tried returning the product and ended up receiving a 90 days supply worth $90.00 charged to her credit card. I felt bad for her but thought "˜Duh that's why you cancel it so they don't do that'. It took over 2 months to get my refund. Every time I called (after a 15 minute wait on the phone) each person would tell me something different.

The processes takes 3-4 weeks, the process takes 5-7 weeks …. I can't escalate this until the very last day of the 15th week!! All nonsense. I FINALLY get my refund.

I noticed my account was not cancelled from the website i.e. they have my credit card information. I called them 3 times asking them to remove it … they kept saying OK no problem. Well they didn't and guess what ….

I GOT HIT WITH THE SAME CHARGE THE LADY AT THE POST OFFICE WARNED ME ABOUT!!!!! So don't bother calling the number on the sheet they send with your $90 vitamins …. because they transfer you to an empty desk that rings forever. I had to go back to the poSt office pay $12 to ship the vitamins… my credit card was charged $38.00 and after a month of MORE UNANSWERED CALLS….

They refund my credit card $29.95. I paid $20 for NOTHING!!

I can FINALLY say that 4 months later my WEN DISASTER IS OVER!!!

(I confirmed it, my accounts deleted). Best of luck to Wen gamblers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Thanks I will not try this product! ;)


I smelled scam from the first time I tried the WEN and it made my hair greasy and smelled AWFUL! I used it on our dog, and his hair looked great, but smelled AWFUL!.

When I called to cancel and they started to sound fishy, (hmmmm, by the time I TRUST them to do the right thing, my credit card rights will expire) so I disputed the charge. They had already lied twice by sending me the BIGGER, better bargain that I had declined and asking me to pay the shipping, which they said they would pay if I had to send it back. I am now sending back their foul smelling product with THEIR pre-paid shipping label by RETURN RECEIPT mail.

They are sending me bills, as well. If they charge my credit card again, I will dispute it again.



Didn't anyone ever tell you how to dispute a bad credit card charge????? At least you paid by credit card. If only you knew what to do when businesses put false charges on the card!