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I ordered when hair care and they kept trying to charge me although I was HIGHLY dis satisfied with the product! It made my hair oily and greasy!

Worse than before! Luckily for me my card was cancelled so they could not charge me anymore. Basically I would save your money and use something like pantene Pro V THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! Wen refused to give me a refund.

This is the first time i've ever ordered from a paid programming and THE LAST!

I don't know how much they had to pay these "actors" to lie for them but they shouldn't lie. PLEASE read the horrible reviews before even considering this awful product!

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I don't think that Jan Spillman or Vixen kitten are listening to the complaints!!! People are not complaining about the product..they are upset about the horrible customer service!!

If a company is not upright enough to honor a statement they make 60 money back guarantee or cancel anytime and STILL bill customer's credit cards...this is not a company I want to do business with!!

Thank you everyone for your comments I'm sorry for your frustrations but you have helped me make a decision before I made I mistake and did my first order!! :)


This vixen kitten Jan spillman and thisbearbites are DEFINANTLY working for the wen company lol... NO ONE Talks like that about a product unless they tryna promote it!

It's a cash grab! You guys pay top

Dollar for actresses to come in so they can influence ppl into buying this *** ***! Seriously... Find another career..

Get over it...

Your product clearly sucks! Will never buy it!


Your produce is *** it's all about greed just ripping peole off chase whoever is, he is scammmmnnner and can't be trusted


thisbearbites I have noticed that you have posted on many of the complaints that the problem is with Guthy Renker. If the people making the product really cared about their customers then they would listen to these complaints and go through another company.

Apparently this "bait and switch" has been going on for two years. I went through this with another beauty product but luckily it was a lot easier to cancel the autoshipping once I realized what was going on.

I had been considering trying the Wen products but I am so glad that I found this site first. If the product was that good, they wouldn't have to trick people into buying it.


I guess it depends on the hair. I am shocked to read all the complaints.

I have thick, coarse, dry hair and Wen is the best product I've ever used and will never use anything else! I will NEVER use shampoo on my hair again. I think those of you that are complaining, are not using Wen correctly.

It's very important to use it exactly as directed. My hair is like silk now!

Vixen Kitten

I agree with thisbearbites. I too order from QVC.

WEN saved my hair. I trained for a triathlon, and the 10 months in a clorinated pool dried out my hair terribly. Within a few weeks of using WEN I once again start getting lots of compliments on my waist length hair. It sounds as though you were not using the product correctly.

As for the financial issues, that is a problem with Guthy Renker, NOT WEN. I love WEN so much I even bathe my dog with it. She is a pet model, and gets a weekly bath.

WEN never strips her coat of it's natural oils, and leaves her fur incredibly soft and beautifuly cleansed. I will never use anything else.


Paid programming is Guthy Renker, not WEN. WEN is merely the product being sold, Guthy Renker is the one with their hands in your wallet.

I have been using WEN for two years and am very satisfied. Of course, I order mine through QVC and have been properly taught how to use it from their live shows.

I also save a lot of money compared to the infomercial. I watched it once and found it rather sad compared to the QVC demonstrations.

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