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I am so pissed off! I spent $100 on Wen Hair Care products with the peace of mind that if I didn't like it I could return it and get my money back.

I wrote down the deadline date in case I did decide to return it so that I wouldn't be late. Well, I didn't like it. Terrible product! Way overpriced and left my hair looking dirty.

I even added a shower filter thinking I would make sure I did all I could to make it work. SCAM. That's all I have to say. Then, when I did decide I had to return it, I called to get all of the information I needed, mailed it - got a delivery confirmation and they said it would take 4-6 weeks to get my money back.

Well, it's been past 6 weeks, I have been calling to check the process of my refund, and finally, they said I cannot get my money back becasue it wasnt returned on time. That is such BULL$#@!. DONT BUY THEIR PRODUCT UNLESS YOU'RE WILLING TO WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! THAT WHOLE 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IS A LIE!!!!!!!



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Im going through the samething as everyone else , The 60 day money back is a total LIE!!! Even for un-used products they still wont return your money....DONT BUY WEN !!!!! :(


Want results? Write to the better business bureau...


Your problem is with GUNTY RENKER!!! Not a problem with Chaz Dean!!!

Chaz has said that the infomercial formula is different from the formula he sells on QVC or on his website and you will always, always get 100% satisfaction from either of those customer services!!! GUNTY RENKER IS THE PROBLEM!!!!


I ordered the Wen line and did not sign up for autoship; however, they added me to their autoship program on their own accord. It was not until I got a second box in the mail that I was made award that I was on autoship.

I didn't like the product in the first place, infact I gave it away shortly after recieving it, and was not planning on making another purchace. So when the box came I told the postman that I would not accept it and return to sender. I then called Wen to make sure I was taken off autoship. After waiting 20 minutes - only to be hung up on by a *** that didn't know how to answer a phone - and then waiting another 30 minutes I finally got an operator.

She told me that I should have known that all purchases automatically put you on autoship and it was therefore my fault for ordering in the first place. Then she told me that because I refused the recieve that package they would only send it back to me again. I asked to speak to the supervisor. Went on hold for about 15 minutes for the same lady to come back on and actually laugh about how long I was waiting because she was having a hard time on her end...she had not gotten any new information or gotten a supervisor.

I again asked for a supervisor and Victoria (ID# 5995) came on the line. She told me that I had to wait for the product to come back to me again, call them again, wait on hold for another hour to get a return code to write on the box, then send it back and wait for my money back. She refused to give me the return code at that time - said I had to call back when I got the box. And she told me she was cancelling my autoship but refused to give me a confirmation number for the cancellation.

This company is absolute ***. Do not give them your billing information! I can not believe they can stay in business with that kind of MO. By the way, the product sucks ***.

If you have long hair you have to use 5 pumps of product for each section of hair...that's 20 pumps of product to wash your hair once. And I did not notice a difference at all...except for my showers were taking a lot longer.

I bought Alterna Bamboo Shampoo and Conditioner and its AWESOME...and they don't screw with my credit card! :eek

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