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I saw the infomercial for this and I thought wow! I have to order this.

I didn't know if it was too good to be true but then it was. First of all when I was ordering my trial kit I could barely understand the woman and she wouldn't answer my questions directly and kept trying to shove products down my throat. He never directly how the payment processing worked. What I understood was that I was paying $29.95 or whatever it was and that's it.

And she told me that is all I would be paying,she never said I was going to be charged that amount every month for the next three months!!! I did not realize this until my shipment came in and I saw the invoice. This company is such a scam. Since I had a 60 day money back guarantee I tried Wen.

It's OK to say the least. Some Days my hair looked shiny, but the more i started using it, the more it weighted my hair down, and made it greasy. DISGUSTING. Ive been using it for about 4 weeks now and It has not made a dramatic difference what so ever.

The commercial says ALL YOU NEED IS THIS ONE BOTTLE. NO LEAVE IN CONDITIONERS NO OTHER PRODUCTS etc etc. OK then, why does your trial come with all of that and more styling products?? WHICH SUCK ANYWAYS.

This is def not worth your money esp not $103 worth.

Tony and Guy Shampoos are cheaper and are better. I am returning my product today!!!

*** YOU WEN.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Haha WAS going to buy this but nevermind