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I ordered Wen back in August 2011. I did not like the product.

It weighed my hair down and it did not feel clean after I had washed it. I called within a week of receiving my first shipment and told them that I would like to cancel my future orders: I had my shipping receipt so I was able to give the woman that I talked to my customer # as well as all the other information she asked for. Well, let's see, it is now February 2012 and I have a charge from them pending on my checking account as well as a shipment coming. Now again, I cancelled in August 2011!!!!

I got some guy on the phone that had such a thick accent I could not understand him. He told me that I could cancel but would still owe $94. Wen had taken it upon themselves to NOT cancel my account but "suspend" it. What is that?

I was very frustrated, asked to speak to someone that I would be able to understand and was told that there was no one else to speak with. I told him that I wanted to speak to a supervisor and was put through to one who told me "if you are not able to be professional I will not be able to assist you" REALLY????!!!


I now have to refuse the shipment, dispute the charges through my bank, cancel my credit card and have a new one re-issued.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I contacted the BBB with a complaint against Wen after I posted this complaint. That is the way to go.

Not only is the complaint logged, but the BBB follows through!

I got my shipping refunded and the remaining balance that Wen said I owed canceled. Oh-and Wen did state that my account was closed(wow-I believe that was my request back in Aug 2011) File with the BBB!!!


I am on a fixed income and can not substain this purchase which , I am no overly happy with.


wow thats some serious ish.............